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WIP Wednesday ~ the Nessie Socks edition

So… last month I finished Nessie Sock #2. I am very happy with that progress. However…

As you can see, the heel on Nessie Sock #1 is wrong. It’s way too shallow. It’s easier to see in comparison to the correct heel on Sock #2, so I guess I can’t get too mad at myself for not seeing it when I originally knit Sock #1.

And this means it’s time for the foot part of Sock #1 to hit the frog pond.

Nessie sock fix

It’s a wrench, but I wouldn’t wear a pair of socks so obviously mis-matched in fit. And the fit on the second sock (with the correct heel) is so much better than the fit on the first sock (with the wrong heel) that I know it will be worth it in the long run.

Still. I hate frogging colorwork.

Nessie sock fix

In any case, though, the frogging part is over and now I just have to (get to?) re-knit the heel and foot of the first sock. It’s a fun pattern and fun yarn (which holds up to the abuse I’ve heaped upon it) so that’s good. I do look forward to being able to wear these this winter once it gets cold. (These are definitely winter socks. The colorwork makes them too warm for anything else in my neck of the woods.)

Nessie sock fix

They’re still fun to knit, so I’m enjoying working on them. I especially love the little fishes on the toes.


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ the Nessie Socks edition

    1. I’m lucky that it was sock #1 which needed to be fixed. That meant it had been in time out (in my head) for about a year while I knit gift stuff and then finished sock #2. I guess “quickly” is relative. 😉

  1. Oh wow (I seem to be saying this to you a bunch Nicole!) But you are super neat to be ripping it apart to reknit it! I agree its worth it but I’m not sure I wouldn’t have rationalized not doing it. hahaha But I totally love these socks.

    1. LOL, thanks! I know how I think for things like this, which is the only way I was able to re-do it. If I didn’t, I would never wear the socks, and I’d just get sad or annoyed every time I saw them sitting in my sock drawer.

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