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In which spam comments amuse me

A short while ago, Ally blogged about some of her favorite spam comments, and it got me curious so I decided to look up some of the comments my spam filter found. It was surprisingly hilarious. (And it reminded me of a veeeerry old tag — I mean it, I did this tag the first time before most of you were blogging — which will be making a re-appearance on the blog in the coming weeks.)

Anyway. Spam comments and some minor commentary from me. Enjoy!




Um. Thanks? But — a list of 100 books to read is considered a short article? Suuure…




Who knew that spam comments could be good poetry? Not me.


Sorry about that. Best of luck with your post creation.

I had fun with this one, and will probably be revisiting it again in the future. Many thanks to Ally for the idea!

12 thoughts on “In which spam comments amuse me

  1. I get these sorts of amusing spam comments, and also long (really, really long) spam comments that are just gobbledygook, apparently cobbled together by a really bad AI. And plugs for various prescription drugs. But recently, my spam filter has begun catching posts that are NOT spam, but genuine comments from a regular visitor to my blog. So now I have to check the filter almost daily.

    1. Ooh, that’s unfortunate. I should probably check more frequently to make sure it’s only real span that’s getting caught in the filter.

    1. I’d be more scared by some of these spam comments if my spam filter didn’t catch them first! But since I had to go looking for them, I was prepared to be skeptical. 😀 The tag will be up Sunday, so look for it then!

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