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WIP Wednesday ~ the Tour de Fleece starts!

The Tour de Fleece officially started on July 6th. (Links here to the Ravelry group and more information from Interweave Magazine.) Since I’ve officially stated here that I’m going to participate again this year, let’s see how much I’ve gotten accomplished so far!

This is Wonderland Dyeworks fiber in the Blooming Meadow colorway, but because of the way I’m spinning it up (with their matching sparkly Firestar Blending Fiber) it reminds me of Mardi Gras, so I’m going to be calling it my Mardi Gras handspun instead. I had thought the pictures I took were truer to the real color than they ended up, though. These pictures don’t do the color justice. I’ll have to be more careful next time.

Side note: though in the past I have joined one team or other, I’m going totally freelance this year. I didn’t have a plan ahead of time of any particular fiber artist’s wool to spin up, and I haven’t been active on any Ravelry forums that are hosting TdF teams.

Also, one more quick note:

This is a new shawl, the Sun Glitter Shawl by Jem Arrowsmith. I’m knitting it in a lovely glittery SpaceCadet yarn. (The glitter is hard to see in this pic. Glittery yarn is hard to photograph properly.) And I’ve already gotten a LOT further than this pic, since I spent the July 4th holiday knitting while talking with friends at a BBQ. It’s an easy pattern to memorize, so I didn’t need to reference any notes while I knit.

It’s Bonny’s fault.  😉  It’s also a Summer KAL, so you should join us too.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ the Tour de Fleece starts!

  1. The yarn you spun is gorgeous — I love the colors (even if the photo isn’t really true to them.) And the shawl looks like a fun and not overly-difficult knit. I like it better in the stockinette, the way you are knitting it, than in garter stitch. I would think about doing the KAL, but I have several other shawls ahead of it, a pair of socks and a neckwarmer on the needles (not counting the five or so projects that have been hibernating forever)… plus I just cast on a worsted baby blanket that needs to be done by late August. So no KAL for me, alas. (Yes, I know… knitting a worsted baby blanket in the hottest months of the year, ugh. And giving it to an August baby. But they live in Minnesota, and it will get cold up there soon enough.)

    1. Ugh, knitting a worsted weight blanket in the summer doesn’t sound like as much fun as knitting it in the winter when you can curl up under it as you knit. 🙂 I didn’t even see the garter stitch version in the instructions until I’d started the shawl, but I like the stockinette better anyway so I’m glad I did this version.

      And thank you! I hope to have better pictures of the yarn soon; fingers crossed that I can capture the sparkle in the pics!

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