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Writing WIP Wednesday ~ July Camp NaNo Intro

I’ve done NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo before, with mixed success. But one thing that it’s really awesome at is giving me something concrete to track. I’ll need to keep setting myself my own personal writing metrics to track, but since July is a Camp NaNo session I’m going to jump-start my writing tracking by using their metrics and trackers for it.


The goal I set for myself for July’s CampNaNo is to spend 30 hours of the month writing. I want to use the writing time to plan for an urban fantasy story idea I have. Ideally I will spread the writing time out over the entire month and get a daily routine started. (That’s why I have a time set and not a word count.) However, at 30 hours for the month, that’s not quite an hour per day. Mostly, because I wasn’t sure when setting the goal exactly what the routine I hoped to set would be. Would it be weekdays only? Every day except one day of rest? Not sure.

Honestly, we’re 3 days into July, and I’m still not sure.


But! I am making progress in at least being aware of my desire to make this a habit. I am focusing where I want to be, even if I haven’t yet determined my best writing schedule.

It’s an interesting challenge. I’ve never really focused on writing before when I lived with other people that I couldn’t lock myself away from, so to speak. I did a bit of this when I lived with my parents, but they knew I needed some writing time and wouldn’t disturb me when I went into my room to write and closed the door. And with my ex, we were so disconnected from each other most of the time that I could pretend he wasn’t even present. (There’s a reason why he’s an ex.)

Now, though, it’s different. I like spending time with Mr. Wyrm. And with his work schedule and commute, I don’t like closing myself off from him after he gets home from work, which I would need to do in order to write. It looks like mid-late afternoon will be my best writing time, but that’s not when I’m used to it. Ah well, that just means there’s a learning curve. The challenge is what keeps this interesting, right? (Yes, I know. Writing a novel is itself challenging enough to be interesting. Shh.)

12 thoughts on “Writing WIP Wednesday ~ July Camp NaNo Intro

  1. Best moment to write is when you catch yourself scrolling aimlessly through your internet pages. Now I’m done for the moment and will return to my writing. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Good luck! You’ll find a good time for you to write, or perhaps develop a habit of writing in whatever odd moments you can find; I know of writers who always keep a notebook or a few folded pieces of paper and a pencil with them so they can write anytime, anywhere.

    I am challenging myself to do Camp Nano this year, but just to finish a short piece of fanfic. I am so blocked about actually writing (too much perfectionism, too much fear of not being any good at it) that doing ANY writing will be a step in the right direction. Apropos of which… I should go do that now.

    1. Thanks! My biggest personal problem is that when I wrote before I got used to doing it when I was sad or depressed, and now that I’m generally happy and don’t have as many depressive episodes (and don’t nurture them when I do) I have to create a new writing normal. I know it’s possible, but it’s also going to require actual work.

      Good luck with your writing! I love the first draft stage, when you can write ANYTHING no matter how bad it is. My perfectionism usually doesn’t kick in until the second draft revisions.

  3. Having a writing partner and having researched this many authors claim the morning first thing is what works for them. It’s quiet and your best brain power has been used for writing. ❤️ In any case I hope you successfully form your writing habit! It takes 55 days according to what my writing partner learned! 😉

    1. Wow, 55 days! Good to know, at least. I used to love writing late at night, partly also because it was quiet. I wonder if I could rearrange my schedule to write in the morning before the day job. Hmm.

        1. I love that idea too! Though it seems I get my best inspirations at night so it sometimes seems counter-intuitive. Ah well, as long as I’m writing consistently I don’t really care yet when I’m writing!

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