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Sunday Shuffle ~ the Playlist Book Tag edition

I haven’t done a Sunday Shuffle in ages, and then I saw a (relatively) recent blog post that reminded me about them. Louise at Foxes & Fairytales did the Playlist Book Tag. That tag only has two “rules”:

  1. Set your playlist on random
  2. Pick a book to go with the songs that come on at random

You don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t have to tag anyone, just have fun! (So, while I’m not tagging anyone, if you decide to do this, please ping me so that I can see what you came up with. Also, Alex @ Paperback Piano, this sounds like it might be your kind of fun since it involves music. I’m not tagging you, but wanted to be sure you saw it.)

Anyway, here’s a few songs randomly shuffled on my playlist, and the book that song most makes me think of. 6 seems about right. I got that far without deciding it was too hard, and didn’t want to push it. 😉 I haven’t always read the book in question, either.

1. Tick-Tock (Mariya Yaremchuk) ~ The Bear and the Nightingale (Katherine Arden)


This is song from the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. (If you haven’t seen Eurovision, check out some videos of the competition. They’re often amazing.) There are a lot of ways I could be inspired by this song — the singer, the on-stage performance, the song title, the lyrics — but the thing I always think of first with this one is that it’s the Ukrainian entry for that year. (The human-sized hamster wheel onstage is always the second thing I think of.) Ukraine makes me think of Russia, and that makes me think of Katherine Arden’s The Bear and the Nightingale even though I haven’t read it yet.

2. Sign O’ the Times (Prince) ~ Timebound (Rysa Walker)


I’m not super-familiar with a lot of Prince’s music, so this song doesn’t really have any memories for me. Based on the lyrics, though, time and time travel were what came to mind. And with that came the cover of a book that I think is stunning (even though I wasn’t nearly as thrilled with the book itself).

3. I Go To Extremes (Billy Joel) ~ Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen)


Okay… this link might be a little weird. Bear with me. To me, Billy Joel = piano. Always. And the most recent place I can recall reading about pianos in books is Jane Austen. Well, the Austen book (which I’ve read) that most clearly emphasizes some of those “extremes” mentioned in the song title is Pride & Prejudice.

4. Same Heart (Mei Finegold) ~ Heart’s Blood (Gail Dayton)


This is also from the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest (I have 10 or so years worth of ESC music to choose from, so I don’t know why the ones in this shuffle are both from the same year) but I have nothing beyond the song itself that this one calls to mind. And for some reason, the first book I thought of was a steampunk romance.

5. Love Is Here To Stay (Harry Connick, Jr.) ~ The Princess Diarist (Carrie Fisher)


This song was used in “When Harry Met Sally,” and I have very fond memories of that movie. These days it usually makes me think of Carrie Fisher, because she was in it, and that leads to her audiobooks — specifically, in this case, her final one.

6. It’s All In Your Head (Diamond Rio) ~ 11/22/63 (Stephen King)


So the lyrics to this song include these lines:

It’s been revealed to me down deep in my soul
There were two shooters on the grassy knoll
We never walked on the moon
Elvis ain’t dead
You ain’t going crazy
It’s all in your head

I think, given that second line, it should be no surprise at all that my first thought was King’s book centered around the JFK assassination.

Okay, so I didn’t have to explain anything, but I felt like it so I did. Have a great Sunday! I hope your day includes some awesome music.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Shuffle ~ the Playlist Book Tag edition

  1. Haha so I listened to I Go To Extremes before I read your reasoning to see if I could figure out why you thought is matched P&P, and I thought it was a perfect fit for Darcy. He could be singing it to her at the end when he is happy and kind of apologizing for his extremes that he went to (completely refusing to dance then proposing and hating her family then saving them, etc) He was definitely all over the board!! And then I read your reasoning and it didn’t really have anything to do with the lyrics 😂😂

    1. LOL, that works too! My brain jumped to Jane Austen (and specifically P&P) before I had a chance to get into many of the lyrics. 😀

  2. oooh this is super cool Nicole!! Hahah all my songs are kpop so I would need to have many asian reads ready. ❤️ I really loved the Prince and Time Travel combo though. I totally get why you made that connection. It’s neat how music influences our memories so much (though I know you said this song didn’t really for you). I always was intrigued that writers listen to music. I need total silence. But my writing partner has to listen to certain music too.

    1. It is neat to see how music influences our memories. There are some songs that will take me back to certain times in my life, sometimes to specific days or events. It’s really neat. ❤ I'm very picky with which kind of music I can listen to while I write. Usually it needs to be instrumental. It's very rare that I can listen to anything with lyrics while I'm writing.

  3. This sounds fun! I might do it on a random Sunday when I don’t have something else, though I don’t know how well I’ll be at connecting songs and books. My “playlists” usually consist of instrumental music/movie scores because I can’t work/write/concentrate when songs have words. XD

    1. I know what you mean! I can’t write/work very well with music with lyrics either. I can focus enough to write blog posts, but that’s about it. 😉

      1. Same. I just get so distracted by lyrics! I’ve been listening to the Good Omens soundtrack a lot over the past week while reading/working (only one song with lyrics), which has been fun – it is VERY DISTINCT.

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