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WIP Wrap-up for June 2019

I’ve been gradually getting back into knitting this month. I know I didn’t talk about it much, but I did have a small knitting slump at the end of May and first half of June. Lunch break knitting was fine, but it was weird and sad and strange to sit on the couch knitting at the end of the day and not have a kitty curled on my lap trying to play with the yarn. It still hurts to think or talk about it, but at least I can knit again without feeling too empty. I needed to get my knitting therapy back, and I’m glad it didn’t take too long.

As always, some of the pictures are new, and some are not.

FOs (aka Finished Objects)

Jun19 FOs

  • Cat’s All Folks GAL Square it took me much, MUCH longer to finish this one than it should have. Yikes. Maybe I do have too many colorwork projects on the go at once. I do like how it turned out, anyway.
  • Wine cork cork-board This is not a knitting project. But it is a finished craft project, so I’m including it here.

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)

  • 2016 GAL blanket  still hibernating, since I’ve been having trouble knitting two GAL blankets at once. This will get worked on again once the gift version is finished.
  • Dryad hat still pending
  • Weaving project also still pending
  • 2018 GAL blanket — temporary hibernation, since I seem to have overloaded my colorwork meter for the moment. I’ll start this up again once I’m done with the Nessie socks.

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)

Jun19 WIPs

  • Sakaki Shawl I love knitting with beads, but I tend to forget that they add time to how long it takes to complete a project. Probably because I don’t see it as a chore, but instead as something enjoyable. However, no matter how enjoyable knitting with beads is, it also includes time spent picking up dropped beads, switching from the knitting needles to the crochet hook I use to place the bead, getting beads out of the tube (and hopefully not spilling more of them), etc, etc, etc. Fun, but time-consuming. Mr. Wyrm would say that it just means I get more for my money, since I spend more time knitting this yarn than I otherwise would.
  • Minstrel Sweater still loving it! Not tons of progress on it this month, but still some. The picture, however, is new, so it might seem like a lot of progress since last month.
  • Nessie socks Progress! I have now finished sock #2, and now I just need to get up the nerve to frog back sock #1 to the place where I messed up, so that I can re-knit that one. Yay! Getting there!
  • Fork in the Road socks these are my lunch break knitting project, and they are still fun! I’m making plenty of progress on them, a half-hour at a time, and hopefully they’ll be finished soon.

July should include a different kind of crafty WIP progress, because July holds the Tour de Fleece! I plan to participate again this year, since I have a lot of stashed fiber that I always seem to forget to spin up. I love spinning my own yarn, and knitting with yarn that I made, but I go in spurts with the actual spinning.

19 thoughts on “WIP Wrap-up for June 2019

  1. It’s so hard to pick up the pieces after the death of a beloved kitty (or dog.) And hard to enjoy things you used to do together. I’m glad you were eventually able to get back to knitting, and hope it brings you both peace and joy.

    The Nessie socks look awesome! So do the other socks, the shawl, and your cat DK square.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I can get back to knitting again, it really is (usually) a calming pastime for me.

      I think most of the time we don’t realize just how much our pets become a part of everyday life and our routines. They do bring a lot of joy, though, and we’ve been focusing on remembering the good times.

        1. So sorry, it’s always hard. And I wouldn’t want to entirely stop missing my Suzy-cat, though I am glad it’s not as raw as it was at first.

    1. Thank you!

      For the Nessie socks, I messed up on the heel of the first sock, so it’s much shallower than it’s supposed to be. (As a result it doesn’t fit as well as it should.) They really are cute, though!

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