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First Line Friday 56 – Ashes of Honor

Since I’m reading Ashes of Honor for the #ADayeAMonth read-a-long, why not take a look at some quotes from it?

“First Line Fridays” is hosted over at Hoarding Books and is all about the first line of current read. A good companion meme is the Friday 56, hosted by Freda’s Voice where you turn to page 56 in what you’re reading a find a sentence that jumps out at you.


First line(s):

The night sky over San Francisco was a patchwork mixture of starry black and cloudy gray, all of it washed out by the ambient lighting drifting up from the city below. It was a tourist’s dream of California summer, perfect as a postcard — and like all postcards, it wasn’t telling the full story.

Page 56:

“We’re on the right track. This is the way she walks to school.”

“Yes, it is,” said a voice behind me — female, with the faintest trace of an Irish accent, as though the speaker had been away from home for so long that her roots were just another story. “Now would you like to tell me what you’re doing out here, or shall I be calling the police now?”

Happy reading!

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