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BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ H

These are so fun, I’m really enjoying the Alphabeticals posts. I think most times the hardest part is making sure I space them out so that I don’t go through them too quickly.  🙂  (Of course, I also haven’t hit the particularly hard letters yet…)

Here are the rules as Alex posted them:

  • Credit Alex for the idea, and link back
  • Post at your own pace, do as many or as few letters as you want
  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

You can find my other Alphabeticals posts here.


Authors beginning with ‘H’

Tanya Huff would be on my shortlist for favorite author ever, so of course she has to be on the Alphabeticals list of favorite authors.

Drew Hayes is another current favorite author, though I haven’t known his work for as long.

Books beginning with ‘H’

The Hobbit is a very obvious choice here, and anyone who knows me should anticipate this answer.

Her Majesty’s Wizard is a book that I love but is rarely known by people I talk to, so I guess I need to feature it on more lists. I’ve tried to read other work by the author (Christopher Stasheff) but couldn’t get into it, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that I sometimes forget to pimp this book?

Characters beginning with ‘H’

Hermione definitely deserves to be on my favorites list. I love her personality and the way she was portrayed in the moves as well as the books.

Hamlet is one of my favorite parts of that play, and I tend to forget about classics when writing these lists so I’m going to include him here even though I may have other, more modern favorites. Still. I memorized a couple of his monologues when I was younger, so that should count for something.

series beginning with ‘H’

Harry Potter can count for the series, though it didn’t make it into any of the individual books. (Book 3 is my favorite of the series, though, if we’re counting.)

The Harper Hall trilogy is my favorite part of the Pern series, so I’m going to separate out the sub-series here and include it for my favorite series.

Any “H” books or characters I forgot? And are you one of the handful of people who know about Stasheff’s Wizard In Rhyme books?


4 thoughts on “BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ H

    1. I like the Harper Hall books so much in part because they’re more focused. It’s not the whole world being written about, just the Harpers.

  1. Great choices! I am in total agreement on the Harper Hall books (especially 1 & 2), the Harry Potter series, Hermione, and the Hobbit, and I enjoyed Her Majesty’s Wizard too. And I probably need to read Tanya Huff. I would add Deborah Harkness, James Herriot, and possibly Jim Hines to the author list.

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