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First Line Friday 56 – Velveteen vs. The Seasons

Seanan McGuire’s Velveteen vs. series is one of my new favorites. Velveteen vs. The Seasons is the only one I have in written form (the other two are audiobooks) so it’s really the only one I’ve been able to include in this MEME.

“First Line Fridays” is hosted over at Hoarding Books and is all about the first line of current read. A good companion meme is the Friday 56, hosted by Freda’s Voice where you turn to page 56 in what you’re reading a find a sentence that jumps out at you.


First line:

The door that opened in the fabric of reality had no foundation, no wall to hold it in place or justify its existence: it simply was, a twisted thing of knotted paper roses that dripped with black type and red ink.

Page 56 64:

Persephone looked at the geese. The geese looked at Persephone. Persephone sighed. The largest and meanest-looking of the geese honked at her.

“Look, I don’t care if you feel like you should supervise, you’re not going to,” she said. “No one likes geese. You’re basically giant, evil ducks, and if you’re here when she wakes up, she’s going to be understandably distressed.”

Page 56 was the blank page between chapters, so I read a little bit to each side of it and picked my favorite part to use as a quote instead.

Happy reading!


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