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WIP Wednesday for spring!

Happy spring! (I know, depending on where you are, it has possibly been spring for ages, or it’s already summer, or you’re heading into fall, and not spring. But my weather has been very nice and spring-like this week, and I love it.)

So: I was hoping to have the Close to You shawl done in time to wear it this season before it got too hot. I might be able to, if I knit really fast.

I just finished the last bit before I bind off, and as long as I’m able to knit the picot bind-off fast enough and get this washed and blocked and drying right away, I’ll be good to go. As long as it doesn’t turn into summer overnight, that it. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, since this project is all but finished, I needed a new travel project. I tried using the Nessie socks as a travel project for a while, but they require a bit more focus than I usually have for my travel knitting. (I knit and read simultaneously on my lunch break, so it can’t be too complicated a pattern.) Instead, I cast on a new pair of socks.

This pattern is the Fork in the Road sock pattern, and it’s a pretty vanilla sock until you get to the heel. Perfect for distracted knitting. The yarn is Serenity Sock Prints by Premier Yarns, and I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics. It was the first striping sock yarn I found when I was looking for yarn for this pair of socks, so it’s what I’m using. I think it might look better with yarn that has a slightly bigger stripe section per color, but oh well. I like it well enough so far.

However, I mentioned the Nessie socks, and they’ve had some progress made as well:

I’m really enjoying the knit again, and have high hopes to finish the pair relatively soon.

And I’m also really enjoying the Minstrel Sweater, and hope to have it finished in time to wear this fall as well.

That’s what I’ve been knitting this week. Hope you’ve been having a great week so far!

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