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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Characters That Remind Me of Myself

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Characters That Remind Me of Myself

I’m going to try to include decent reasons, and not just “I want to be like this person” or “I want to date this person’s partner”.

1. Meg O’Keefe in A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L’Engle ~ while Meg has some traits that I do not, when I first read this (and I was around the age she is in the book) I felt as socially awkward as she is described. I also really resonated with her criticism of her own appearances. (I later changed my mind, but at the time she could have been taking words out of my head.)

2. Luna Lovegood in The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling ~ because Luna is always a bit weird and not part of the main group. She’s also in Ravenclaw, which is the House I see myself in if I were in that world. However, Luna is a bit more comfortable being herself than I was at her age. I’m more like her now as an adult than I was when I was in school.

3. Galen in Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George ~ because he is always knitting something! I have yet to knit the shawl pattern from the book, but I will do that one of these days.

4. Claire Hansen in Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff ~ while I don’t have the magical powers that Claire does, I do have a younger sister and am the more even-keel one of the two of us. Plus we have cats.

5. Beezus in the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary ~ I have a younger sister, and while we never had the extremes in our relationship than Beezus and Ramona did, there were times when I completely sympathized with the elder sister’s predicaments. I haven’t re-read any of these books recently enough to have examples, but I know I made the connection at the time.

6. Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen ~ obviously I am not a romantic heroine worried about how I’m going to survive since I can’t work for my own money. However, I fall distinctly on the “sensible” side of the emotional spectrum, just like Elinor.

7. Lena in Merci Suárez Changes Gears by Meg Medina ~ Lena is described as the type of person who likes to be by herself, and who is often found reading. UM, HELLO! That’s me alright.

8. Susan in Soul Music by Terry Pratchett ~ I was never as good at it as she was, but when I was in school I tried to blend into the background, too. I also had a bad habit similar to Susan’s of reading ahead in the textbook and determining that I knew the lecture material, and then sneak-reading something I liked better during class. She had an easier time sneaking in her preferred reading material, though.

9. Sandra Foster in Bellwether by Connie Willis ~ because I also want chocolate cheesecake and thinking for yourself to become fads instead of Barbie and bread pudding.

10. Lundy in In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire ~ when I read In an Absent Dream this year, the description of the Goblin Market really appealed to me. I can totally see why Lundy would have kept going back to the Market. If I had been in her place, I would have gone back over and over again, too.

Of course, if we’re just talking about characters whose partners we would like to date, then that opens up a whole different topic…

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Characters That Remind Me of Myself

    1. Thanks! I think lots of us relate to Luna at least as much as Hermione. I know that while Hermione from the early books resonated with me, I didn’t relate as much to the woman she grew up to be.

  1. Good choices, although there are some here I haven’t read (yet.) I think a lot of us related to Meg Murray; I certainly did. Especially since I, too, had an absent father in an era when divorce was much less common than it is today. I relate more to Hermione than Luna, though. I absolutely was that “know-it-all” type that the teachers loved and the students resented. In high school I finally started figuring out how to make some friends and get along with my peers without totally hiding my intelligence.

  2. I almost put Meg on my list too. And Beezus! How could I forget Ramona and Beezus? I think I was more like Ramona, though. That wild imagination…

  3. Great list! I think I’m a bit of a Beezus as well though I think that I preferred reading about Ramona and wanted to be more like her. I can see some things I’ve got in common with Meg too.

    1. Oh, I did always get a little jealous of what Ramona got away with and dreamed up. I don’t know that I was ever jealous, exactly, but she was the more fun to read about.

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