Linkity for Cinco de Mayo (that has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo)

It’s been a week, hasn’t it? It hasn’t even been completely bad, but it’s been LOOOOOONG. I can’t even completely point to why. So, we’re going to do some linkity today instead of whatever I had planned originally. This feels more appropriate.

Hunter Hammersen of Pantsville Press has a link about the current IG debate over knitting pattern prices. She’s the designer of the Wrack socks I just knit, and I can confirm that her patterns are well-written and easy to follow. (And for the record, I don’t think that designers raising prices is a bad thing. It’s a job for them, not a hobby.)

Homer as DM — a fun re-imagining of how The Iliad and The Odyssey might have been written.

Someone determined which of the LOTR characters would have driver’s licenses, and it turned into an amazing LOTR AU where Hobbits were from California, Rivendell is Lake Tahoe, and Mt. Doom was in Phoenix, AZ. I LOVE IT.

Lydia @ SilverWolfReads wrote book recomendations based on her favorite musicals and since I love several of these musicals also, I had to pass along the link. (And I’ve added several of the book recs to my TBR.)

Fran Laniado posted a blog with a bunch of good news links. I don’t know about you, but I needed the pick-me up. (Music for elephants! OMG!)

My sketchbooks in a stranger’s hands — an excellent piece about drawing and life and the goodness of people.

I recently found Seanan McGuire’s old story about lizard stuck in a man’s leg. Yes. You saw that right. INSIDE HIS LEG. (This story is made better because I know of the place where the man was camping (illegally).)

Toxic positivity is a thing. I’m going to try to do my part to avoid it.

Swans as animal brides… probably not a good idea… which makes me think that whoever wrote the story part of “Swan Lake” had never seen an angry swan.

On the other hand, Germany has a Swan Father who has to collect all the swans in Hamburg every winter. Crazy.


Some of these links I found on my own, and others I found through linkities from various friends. (Chris and KMKat, I’m looking at you! Thanks!) I hope you find something in today’s links that makes you think or makes you smile (or both).

14 thoughts on “Linkity for Cinco de Mayo (that has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo)

    1. Thanks! And I’m just glad I have a name for Toxic Positivity now. For the longest time I just had a feeling that it was wrong and couldn’t put my finger on what was so wrong about it.

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