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Throwback TTT ~ Books I Wish I’d Read as a Kid

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Books I Wish I’d Read as a Kid

Today’s official topic is “Rainy Day Reads,” but that one isn’t speaking to me today. Probably because I am more likely to put on specific movies (“Spirited Away” most often) than read specific books just because it’s a rainy day.

So instead, I’m doing a Throwback Top Ten Tuesday topic: Top Ten Books I Wish I’d Read as a Kid. Granted, they weren’t all published in time for me to read them when I was a kid, but I can still wish, right?

1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I read this recently, but it didn’t resonate the way I think it would have if I was younger.

2. Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

Another book I read recently, but didn’t connect to the main characters the way I think I would have if I was closer in age to them.

3. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

It’s just super cute, and I think I would have loved it.

4. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

This one wasn’t published until recently, so I had no option of reading it younger. And while I loved it as an adult, I think I would have loved it more as a teenager.

5. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Another one that was recently published, but given how much I loved Greek mythology as a kid I think I would have loved this one, too. I haven’t yet found another book on Norse mythology which presented the stories in a way I would have enjoyed as a kid.

6. The Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire

I think I would have loved this series as a teen — partly because I loved Narnia so much, but also for the stories themselves. And I also think my younger self could have done with more diversity in my reading. The way sexual diversity is presented as completely normal in this series would have done me good.

7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I enjoy the series now, sure. But sometimes I wish I could have read it one book a year, growing up with Harry.

8. The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper

I was a young adult when I read these books for the first time, but I was an adult. I wish I’d been a young teen for that first read-through, instead.

9. The Safe-Keeper’s Secret by Sharon Shinn

This one was not published early enough for me read as a teen, and I did enjoy reading it as an adult, but I think it would have been a great addition to teenage me’s library.

10. Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts

I ended up DNF’ing the audiobook version of this when I tried to listen to it as an adult, because I couldn’t deal with the teenage angst. However, as a teenager, I doubt the angst would have bothered me. (I do still plan to try the paper version so I can skim the angst, but haven’t gotten there yet.)

What about you? Are there any books you’ve read as an adult that you wish you’d been able to read as a kid instead?


18 thoughts on “Throwback TTT ~ Books I Wish I’d Read as a Kid

  1. Same about Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. I haven’t read it yet, but I want to and I just know that I won’t connect to it as much as I would have if I read it when I was younger

  2. I loved the safe-keepers series back in the day even though I wasn’t a kid. I am wondering how older me would like it now. It is on the list for a re-read one of these days.
    x The Captain

  3. Great list! I’m glad I read Anne of Green Gables as a kid but I got a lot out of it as an adult too.

    I think HP came out when I was in middle school (or maybe late elementary?) but I didn’t read it until college. I would have appreciated it if I read it as a kid but the later books in the series I definitely appreciated having an adult perspective. Plus I think some of the later stuff would have scared me as a kid.

    I read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret when I was about 10 and was VERY disappointed a few years later when menstruation turned out to be far less fun than that book had led me to believe.

    1. Well, that’s true. Menstruation isn’t nearly as cool as Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret made it seem. On the other hand, that’s at least a book that talked about it in plain terms.

      1. Oh, agreed! I think it’s important; especially in 1970 when then book was written. Back then girls didn’t have nearly as much access to information as they do now, and I think the book discussed things they were all thinking about and wondering about. I’d probably recommend it to a young girl, but I’d tell her to keep her expectations in check regarding menstruation.

  4. I think I would have enjoyed Harry Potter and The Girl Who Drank the Moon more as well if I had read them at a younger age. I’m glad I read Anne of Green Gables when I did but I’m also glad I waited until I was older to read the sequels because I think I appreciated them more than I would have.

    Great topic idea! I might have to steal it some time.

  5. I no longer remember why, but I DNF’d Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret when I tried reading it as a child. I’m looking forward to reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon now. Like you, I read (and loved) the HP books as an adult, but I had the fun of watching Robin grow up entranced with them… we homeschooled in high school, and ended up calling our “school” Hogwarts. So Robin’s diploma actually says Hogwarts on it.

  6. Oh yeah I really wish I’d read anne of green gables as a kid- I read it as an adult and really enjoyed it, but I think I’d have got so much more out of it if I’d been a child when I read it. And I did love growing up with HP!

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