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#HamilThon — Update the first

This happens to be the first week of March, so it’s a good time to take a quick look at how my reading for the #HamilThon read-a-thon is going. I make no promises about doing this once a week for the whole month, though.

Louise has more details about the read-a-thon on her blog, or you can check out my prior post about it. I decided to follow a chain which would lead to Alexander Hamilton, partly because it is the #HamilThon and it felt appropriate, but also because I liked the prompts. (Of course, it doesn’t include my favorite song, which is “Wait For It”. I might read a book for that prompt just to honor the song.)


Well yes, but okay: how has my reading been going so far this month?

My planned TBR

My Shot — Read a standalone book.
Drew Hayes’ Pears and Perils

Helpless — Read a a book featuring a romance or a marriage.
??? (lots of my TBR books have romance, I’ll pick one)

Take a Break — Finish a book in a day.
All Systems Red by Martha Wells

The Reynolds Pamphlet — Read something short (novella, graphic novel etc.)
??? (undetermined graphic novel)

Alexander Hamilton — Read a book with a name in the title
Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton

And my progress:

  1. Pears and Perils: I bought the audiobook, but, while I read multiple books at once I only listen to one audiobook at a time, so I had to finish my prior audiobook before starting this one. I just started it today on my commute to work. It’s a bit over 6 hours, so it’ll be done this month for sure.
  2. undetermined romance book: I still don’t know what book this will be, but I’ll find something that works soon (maybe next week) and will read it.
  3. All Systems Red: read March 2nd, and LOVED IT. Very awesome novella.
  4. Lady Mechanika: Volume 1: haven’t started it yet, but this is the graphic novel I’ll be reading for this prompt. I’ll probably read it this weekend.
  5. Alexander Hamilton: started March 2nd, and while I’m enjoying my read of it I suspect that this is going to take a while. 731 pages is just going to take some time no matter how enjoyable the text.

Not bad so far! I’ll just have the beast of the biography to worry about…

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