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WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

So… remember how one of my 19 for ’19 tasks for myself is to knit a myself Fair Isle sweater? Well, I have cast on that sweater now. It’s Minstrel, designed by my online friend Lorraine of Twisted Traditions.

It’s moving slowly so far, because I’m learning that corrugated ribbing seems to take forever. (In my experience switching between knit and purl on colorwork isn’t done often and I can see why. It takes much longer.) I am past the half-way point on the ribbing, though, so hopefully I’ll get to start the body of the sweater soon.

Oh! But before I started the ribbing, I was a good knitter and knit a swatch.


I even washed and blocked it so that I could get a sense of whether it would be the correct size. (It is. Hopefully the sweater will be too.)

I’m really pleased with the color choices I made for this one: the original pattern calls for yellow and goldenrod where I’m using purple and pink. The original colors are very pretty, and make one think of Autumn as the designer intended. However, shades of yellow and orange don’t look great on me. Instead I swapped those two colors out for two that make me think of Spring (and work better with my skin tone). I think I made a good choice for myself, though the colors as designed look great on others.

I’ve never knit a colorwork item this intense before, so I have no idea how long to expect it will take to finish. I’m really enjoying the process so far, though!

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

  1. That’s a gorgeous sweater! But I have to admit that I prefer your color choices over the original. (Probably because I look better in pinks and purples than yellows, myself.) I also admire your courage in tackling something that complex.

    1. Thanks! I think yellow is a hard color for a lot of people, but when it works it can be stunning. I guess I’m hoping it looks more complex than it is, since I’m only ever working with two colors at once, and I’ve done that before (on a smaller scale) many times. Also, I appreciate that the sweater style is knit in the round, the sleeve stitches are picked up from the body and then knit in the round, and so there is no seaming required after it’s done. (I’m not paying attention to the fact that I’ll need to cut the knitting for the steek just yet. I’ll worry about that part when I get there.) 😉

  2. You are one ambitious knitter! Your color choices are great, the pattern is wonderful, and I look forward to watching your progress!

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