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WIP Wrap-up for February 2019

I have not finished nearly as many items as I wanted to this month. Alas. But at least there has been progress and there are finished objects! Yay! Always look on the bright side, right?

FOs (aka Finished Objects)

Feb19 FOs

  • Mario Kart GAL square
  • Multnomah shawl — It’s washed and blocking! I had originally planned to knit this until I ran out of yarn, but I got bored with the shawl only two repeats after the pattern was officially over. So I cast off rather than let this project slip into the UFO pile.

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)

Feb19 UFOs

  • 2016 GAL blanket  still hibernating, since I’ve been having trouble knitting two GAL blankets at once. This will get worked on again once the gift version is finished.
  • Weaving project yup, still pending.
  • Nessie socks I’m looking forward to working on these again, but since they’re for me they fall behind in priority to the gift socks.
  • Dryad hat — I barely started this one because I had to re-do the brim so many times. Then I got bored because I was knitting the same thing for the third (fourth?) time. No idea when this will be worked on again.
  • Don’t Cage Me In socks — I’ll get these done eventually. Or I’ll frog them. I haven’t decided yet. I’m a lot less excited about the sock or the yarn than I was initially. I might get rid of the whole thing. We’ll see.

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)

Feb19 WIPs

  • 2018 GAL blanket — current square: Cat’s All Folks!
  • Wrack socks — these are getting there. They knit up faster than I expected, probably in part because they’re nearly all ribbing. I’m enjoying this knit, and hope they fit the person I plan to gift them to. (First pair of socks I’ll have knit for this person.)
  • Close To You shawl — With Multnomah finished, I’ve decided to give this one travel knitting project priority. I’ve been taking it places so I can knit it away from home. It doesn’t require a ton of focus, so I can knit it on trips, or in meetings, or whatever.
  • Minstrel Sweater — this is a fair isle sweater I’m making for myself. So far I haven’t gotten any further along than the gauge swatch, but I’m looking forward to making some real progress on it soon.

Oops, I didn’t remember to include all the photos. Nearly all of them, anyway.

Have a great day and a wonderful rest of the week!

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