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WIP Wrap-Up for January 2019

It’s the last Wednesday in January, and that means it’s time to review the WIPs! I’ve decided to recap my craft project status for the last WIP Weds of each month, partly for accountability. If I include a list of all the projects I have on the go here, and have to look at them monthly, maybe I’ll actually get more of them finished.

FOs (aka Finished Objects)


Okay, these aren’t WIPs, but why not include finished items in the monthly knitting wrap-up, too? So: here’s what I finished in January.

  • Quantonium 40 socks — finished and gifted and loved!
  • Dragon Age Geek-A-Long Square

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)


It might not make as much sense to you, but for me there is a big difference between UFOs and WIPs. In my mind, WIPs are being actively worked on, while UFOs have been set aside for one reason or another. Sometimes the project has been naughty and is getting a time-out to allow it time to think about what it did, and other times it’s all my fault. I’ll include a brief note with each project to explain why it’s hibernating.

  • Weaving project this one just takes extra time and space to start working on, since I don’t have a stand for my loom.
  • 2016 GAL blanket since this version of the GAL is for me, and I have also started one that is a gift, the gift version has priority. I’ll work on this again as soon as that one is finished. (Studio Ghibli is the current square on this one.)
  • Nessie socks colorwork socks are fun, except when you find a mistake in a sock you thought was finished. I’m just delaying the correction with this one by avoiding the socks for a bit. See the pic above? I made a mistake in the heel, so the heel is way too short/shallow, but because of where I messed up it was not noticeable to me as I was working it.
  • Close To You shawl — probably for me, so it doesn’t have priority currently.
  • Dryad hat — I barely started this one because I had to re-do the brim so many times. No idea when this will be worked on again.
  • Don’t Cage Me In socks — I’ll get these done eventually.

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)


These, on the other hand, are the items I am actively working on. Only minor details on these, since they have been (or will be) featured in weekly WIP posts.

  • 2018 GAL blanket — current square: Mario Kart
  • Multnomah shawl — there’s actually been a lot more progress than in the last picture, just no new photo yet
  • Wrack socks — new gift socks-in-progress!

Huh. That’s actually not as bad as I feared. I thought there would be a lot more UFOs at this point. I know I have a lot of projects planned, I guess I’ve just managed to not start them all yet. Somehow. Maybe I’ll even manage to get something finished before I start anything else new.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wrap-Up for January 2019

  1. Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only person with UFOs! Some of mine go back years. I don’t think my Weasley sweater will even fit me at this point, even if I finish it. Some of my UFOs are probably doomed to be frogged. Others I definitely plan to finish… eventually.

    The Quantonium 40 socks and the Dragon Age square came out really well. And I love the Wrack socks! Great color, great pattern (I checked it out on Ravelry.) I even queued it, though to be honest my queue is more of a wishlist of things I’d like to make eventually than an actual plan.

    1. Thanks! I have UFOs that go back years, too. My first GAL blanket was started in January 2016. It might be my oldest UFO at this point, but I’ve had others that lingered longer.

      The Wrack socks are so far really easy to knit, too! And I love the cuff detail — interesting, while still being ribbing. My queue is also a wishlist. The actual plan part is just the top ten or so items (and they move around as needed when I change my plan).

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