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WIP Wednesday for 23 January 2019

We’re on to the first WIP of 2019! Yay!

For today, I’m not going to touch on my UFOs, just the projects that I’m actively working on. (We’ll get to the UFOs soon, though, I promise.) So, that means we have:

  • 2018 Geek-A-Long blanket (aka the worsted-weight gift one)
  • Multnomah Shawl

I don’t remember what pictures I showed you last year (!!) when I had my last WIP-not-FO blog post, so I’ll post pictures of all of those knits.

I’m working on the 2018 GAL blanket in hopes of gifting it this year, and the current square is Dragon Age. I had hoped to have this one finished by now, but at least it’s close. I’m really excited about how all of these are turning out, though if I want to give this as a 2019 Christmas present I really need to get working on the squares and finish them faster than I did last year.

And the Multnomah Shawl is a new project, though you’d never know it to look at the current progress picture. This is yarn I bought last week because I was in one of the craft Big Box Stores picking up yarn for my niece. (She’s a baby knitter who is enjoying making scarves, and was sad because she didn’t own yarn in Ravenclaw colors so she could knit herself a house scarf. OF COURSE I WAS GOING TO BUY HER YARN.)

Anyway. I saw the Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball yarn, and this one happened to fall into my cart. Ahem. So of course I had to cast it on IMMEDIATELY. I’ve been meaning to knit a Multnomah for a while, since they look both simple and interesting. The Multnomah Shawls I’ve seen my S’n’B knit have seemed to be a good, wearable shape. Since it also seemed like a pattern that would let the yarn be the star of the show without being boring, this seemed like the perfect match.

Multnomah shawl progress

And believe it or not, that’s all the active WIPs right now. There’s plenty else on the needles, but I’m (kinda) trying to focus my knitting energy.

However, I did just get the wool to knit my fair isle sweater, so I’ll probably be swatching for that soon to make sure I have needles of the right size and length for it.


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