Linkity for 13 January 2019

You may have heard people say that foxes are cat software running on dog hardware? Well, a while ago kmkat provided a link that proved this in picture form. Cat loaf? No, FOX LOAF!!

Last month, K. L. Kranes posted about her bookmas tree experiences. Her family’s on year three of bookmas trees, and while they are all cool I really like the one they did for Year 2. (She also provided a link to cat turntables, which I feel could be a slippery slope for cat lovers.)

Have you heard about Goofus the Peacock? (Also known as the Death Of The Universe And End Of All Things.) Well, he has an amazing series of Tumblr posts about him. The first one I read was when he killed a mouse and the cats got very interested. I don’t normally read Tumblr posts (except when Chris posts links) but the Lazy Evaluation Ranch (home to Goofus) is amazing. Posts appear to no longer be daily, but there is a fun backlog of crazy ranch-related fun to catch up on.

Another thing posted on the Lazy Evaluation Ranch Tumblr is this post about Bee Crimes. SO FUN.

People talk about the music of the spheres… but it appears that black holes do actually sing. So neat.

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