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FO: Honeydukes Hats

Okay, so once again this is a Wednesday but it’s not a WIP post. Sorry about that.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,
Three Honeydukes Hats!

These are Honeydukes Hats, designed by the lovely Jacquline at Lattes & Llamas! (They’re the ladies who run the Geek-A-Long blanket, but they also design other great knitting projects. I’ve made several of their non-GAL patterns, including these hats, the Hyrule Socks, and the Ectoplasm Shawl.)

These hats were all gifts for my in-laws, who live somewhere where it’s actually COLD ENOUGH to wear hats knit with bulky yarn. While I have a hat or two I knit for myself as well, those are made with sock yarn and are much less dense and less warm.

This pattern knit up REALLY quickly. I knit the first one over the course of a day, the second one in a week’s worth of lunch breaks, and the third one over a weekend (with sock knitting thrown in for some variety). Add an hour or so to make the pom-poms, and you’re all set!

Speaking of pom-poms, though… I’d never made them before. And they take more effort than it seems like they should. These pom-poms look pretty decent, but I didn’t take pictures of the mishap versions. For the first one, I didn’t add enough yarn, and so it fell apart. (It looked like one of the packets of yarn included in a rug hooking kit, for those of you who have experience with that craft.) The second one I didn’t tie tightly enough, so it came apart too but for different reasons. And then, once I got enough yarn into the pom-poms, they came out of the plastic tool lopsided (which makes sense, because in order to get enough yarn included some of the loops of yarn end up bigger than others since they are wrapping over layers of existing yarn). And so you have to trim the pom-poms. It was fun, but I’m glad I didn’t have to make a ton of them. Two was plenty.

8 thoughts on “FO: Honeydukes Hats

  1. They look great–so warm and pretty! And FOs are better than WIPs anyway, right? Sorry your pompom experience didn’t go smoothly. I kind of love making them. 🙂

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