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2018 Reading Challenge Recap

So, now that we’re a little ways into 2019, let’s take a look at how my 2018 Reading Challenges went! (I’ll be interspersing random pictures from my Goodreads Year In Books. They won’t necessarily match what I’ve been talking about at that point in the blog.)

Goodreads: read 70 books in 2018

And the result… according to Goodreads, I read 84 books.


Some of those books are short stories or picture books, but since Goodreads counts them as separate works, that’s how they ended up on the GR Reading Challenge. Even so, 120% of my goal on this one is not bad at all.

Backlist Reader Challenge: read 40 books from my backlist

And the result… um. Oops. I came in short on this one at 32 books (or 80%). I guess it’s better than nothing, but it’s not nearly as good as I had hoped.

Book Bucket List: all paper books read should be from this list

And the result… says no. Not all of my paper reads in 2018 were from my Book Bucket List. A lot of them were, and several of my e-books and audio books were from that list, too. But I ended up finding too many other things that sounded interesting, and only stuck to “most” of my paper books were from my Book Bucket List.

As an interesting note, though, of the 10 books I decided in 2017 that I needed to read in 2018, I did read 7 of them. (And one of the ones I didn’t read was Ulysses by James Joyce, which I’m now not sure I still want to read.)


Read 10 of Shakespeare plays

And the result… was not 10. Oops. I read 6. That’s more than half, but it’s not 10. Still, of those 6, only one of them (The Tempest) was a re-read.


Improved reading diversity

And the result… well, this one wasn’t a concrete challenge, so it’s hard to say how I did. However, here are some stats that I tracked this year to show more detail instead of just listing how many books I read:

  • New books (vs. re-reads): 84.52% new books
  • Author’s gender:
    • 48.81% female authors
    • 45.24% male authors
    • the remaining 5.95% were either mixed (aka short story compilation) or I wasn’t sure about
  • Average length: (not counting DNF books)
    • 181.84 pages for paper books (49 books)
    • 190.48 pages for e-books (21 e-books)
    • 8.79 hours long for audio books (14 audio books)


  • Average publication year: 1959
  • Oldest book published: Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, published in 1594
  • Newest book published: Jacqueline Chen’s Loading Penguin Hugs, published November 13th 2018
  • Author’s nationality:
    • 54.76% American
    • 19.05% British
    • 7.14% Canadian
    • 7.14% Japanese
  • Genre specifics:
    • 29.76% fantasy
    • 19.05% science-fiction
    • 16.67% classic fiction
    • 7.14% plays
    • 7.14% other (aka non-memoir or bio) non-fiction
    • 4.76% poetry

As for 2019, I’m going to be a lot less structured this year. I am doing my 2019 Discworld Read-A-Long, and I have a Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 75 books for the year.

Other than that, I will be reading what I feel like reading.

Unofficially, I want to read more books from my shelves than from other sources (library or bookstore, namely). Also unofficially, I want to continue to read books from my Book Bucket List, continue working on the Great Newbery Challenge, read more Hugo and Nebula winning stories, and improve diversity among both the authors I read and main characters of the books.

But that’s all unofficial. I’ve had a few years of fairly planned reading (like the Cat Mystery Reading Challenge in 2017, Backlist Reading Challenge in 2018, and a pretty detailed list of books to read in both 2016 and 2018) and I’m ready for less structure. I’m not even setting myself a goal for how many Discworld books I want to read in my 2019 Disworld Read-A-Long. I might read only one, or I might read dozens. We’ll have to see what happens.

Happy reading!


14 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge Recap

  1. I love, love, love your stats breakdowns! It makes my nerdy heart sing! I have done similar things in the past but felt a bit burned out this year and didn’t make any graphs etc. Have fun with keeping it less structured! I hope you have a great reading year!

    1. Thanks! I thought about doing pretty charts this year, but got lazy and just wrote a list instead. I’m glad that Goodreads made pretty graphics so I could pull those in and make it look like I did the hard work, but alas I can’t take credit for it. 😉

    1. That’s the plan! 😀 I’ve found in the past that my Discworld enjoyment depends greatly on my mood, so I want to be sure to allow myself breaks from it when I’m not feeling the books.

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