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Friday Reads: Reading Challenge Update – Q4 2018

Here’s the last quarterly update on my 2018 Reading Challenges! There will be one more wrap-up post for the whole year, and then I’ll be switching formats for a bit because I’m getting sick of summary posts. Monthly… quarterly… annual… It’s probably more than you want to read, and it’s certainly more than I want to write. It seemed like a good idea at the time, though. Alas. Best laid plans.

As a reminder, I had both my self-designed Reading Challenges (AKA the Bucket List Books Challenge and my Goodreads Reading Challenge) and the 2018 Backlist Reader Challenge this year. I’m not including the Read-A-Thin challenges in this review, because those are self-contained in whatever month they happen during.

Bucket List Books Challenge

Here’s a quick look at the Bucket List Books I read in Q4 2018:

  1. Twelfth Night
  2. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  3. The Giver
  4. Measure for Measure
  5. Much Ado About Nothing

It seems the more Shakespeare I read, the more I have to adjust my opinion of his works. I still (generally) like the ones I already knew that I liked, but his work as a whole? I like it a lot less than I thought I did. I am glad, however, that that the seemingly standard “comedic” attempts to make people be or appear unfaithful are done — in Much Ado About Nothing, at least — by some evil third party and not by one of the lovers. I actually mostly enjoyed Much Ado. (Measure for Measure, on the other hand, contends with Merry Wives of Windsor for the title of my least liked Shakespeare play.)

2018 Backlist Reader Challenge

And here’s a quick look at the books from my backlist which I read in Q4 2018:

  1. Twelfth Night
  2. Light Falls: Space, Time, and an Obsession of Einstein
  3. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  4. The Giver
  5. Westward Weird
  6. Measure for Measure
  7. Much Ado About Nothing

As a reminder, the basic rules for this challenge (full rules linked above) are that the books had to have been on my TBR list before I signed up for the challenge, and had to be published before 2017.

I’m really glad I read The Giver. I was too old to be in the target age range when it came out, and I think I saw reviews and marketing about it which made me think I wouldn’t like it, so I never went back to try it. I put it on my Book Bucket List last year, but I only picked it up when I did because it’s also a Newbery Medal winner and I recently decided to try to read more award-winning stories. (Spoiler alert: they won awards for a reason.) The Giver is very well written, and even though it’s about a boy who is nowhere near my age I had no problems connecting with the narrator. It also has aged extremely well. This is one that I think everyone should read at some point.

I also don’t know how I made it this far into my adult life without ever reading the original Sleepy Hollow. Well worth reading, and reading it in the fall is perfect. Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Reading Challenge Update – Q4 2018

  1. Are you going to read the Giver series or have already? I only read the first one as a kid, but I remember it, which is a big deal for me! 😅

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