Linkity for Sunday, 16 December

Let’s do one last linkity post for 2018! As is usual, I’ve been collecting links for a while, so some of these are new(ish) and others are older. But I still like them all!

I recently read Loading Penguin Hugs by Jacqueline Chen! (Super adorable!) It led me to the artist’s Tumblr, where I found this cute recent drawing:

Humans are Space Orcs. I just LOVE this post. Beware, though, Googling “humans space orcs” in order to try to find the original poster will lead you down a rabbit hole from which is it VERY difficult to escape.

Chris linked me to this absolutely wonderful post on how to build a Bookmas Tree. Complete with cat supervision and assistance.

Seanan McGuire posts an annual series of Hogswatch posts with giveaways. (They’re all finished for this year, though.) It just tickles me that she celebrates a Discworld holiday on her blog.

NASA has landed its 8th successful lander on Mars. Insight will be trying to determine more about Mars’ core than we currently know, and the mission objectives for this project sound really fascinating. I’m super excited to see what we can find out. Yay science!

The lovely Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard, in addition to having a great blog name has a great taste for costume accessories. She recently linked me to this site, where I can order myself a fire lizard friend. So cool!

A new link to an old thing: D&D stats explained using tomatoes. Because this is still awesome. (Spoiler: this will ALWAYS be awesome.)

And another new link to an old thing: I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to Seanan McGuire’s take on fanfic before, but I’m including it again here because she is one of my favorite authors and I like it, and because I didn’t see this version with a comment from Diane Duane (another of my favorite authors).


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