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Party Post Part 4 ~ Pern

This is the last — for now — of the blog series featuring themed parties. This one is an idea that my family has had for a long time, but hasn’t yet done.

We want to theme a party based off of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books. This wouldn’t be centered around movies, so we wouldn’t be watching movies during the party and would need other ways to entertain ourselves. We might find or make up games for the occasion, but I think we really just want to have this party as an excuse to dress up in costume and try fun recipes.

And, of course, to have a fire lizard.


Menolly surrounded by fire lizards… I’d be satisfied to have just one

We have friends who want us to throw this party (though I do notice that they aren’t volunteering to host or plan it themselves, and are instead waiting for us to do it). So we at least know we’d have guests for it. We also know we’d have food: my sister-in-law gave me a set of Pern recipes that would be perfect for this party.

We have recipes for klah, meatrolls, bubbly pies, and herdbeast stew. I haven’t tried making any of them yet, but I’m really looking forward to them. (Especially the bubbly pies… though I don’t want to be making those during the party, yet they are always described in the books as being best served hot, so we’ll need to determine the best way of reheating them.)

The recipes came from the book The Dragonlovers Guide to Pern, and I suspect we’ll be able to get other party ideas from that book as well.


Still. The whole excuse for this party, really, is to eat yummy food and have a fire lizard.


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