#6degrees – from A Christmas Carol to The Princess Diarist

Welcome back to #6degrees, the Six Degrees of Separation book MEME!


Each participant will take the same starting book and link it in any way they like to the next book, then the next… and see where the 6 degrees of separation ends up!

This month, we’re starting with an obvious book for the season:

Our starting point is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s a holiday tradition for me, though usually we see the stage version instead of reading the book. (This year I intend to do both.)

Another book that I’ve read but I usually see on stage is Guys & Dolls by Damon Runyon. This isn’t the book form of the musical itself, but rather a collection of short stories that inspired the musical. I read this one many years ago when we did a production of Guys & Dolls, and I enjoyed the short stories.

A short story compilation that I enjoyed more recently was Westward Weird, edited by Martin Greenberg. While I more-or-less enjoyed the collection as a whole, I picked it up because one of the stories was written by Seanan McGuire.

I love a lot of Seanan McGuire books, but I usually know at least a little about the plot of her stories before I pick up the book. The exceptions are the short story from Westward Weird and my next link, Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day. I lucked out, and it was the kind of ghost story I enjoy.

Another ghost story that I enjoyed — though this one creeps me out a LOT more — is Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff. I enjoy the story, but it’s one of the books that, even knowing how the story goes, freaks me out every time I read it. It’s a haunted house story that I read because I like the characters enough to make up for the scary aspect. (Hey, when it comes to horror books/movies, I’m a wimp.)

Speaking of stories about haunted places where the characters are awesome, let’s go with Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book! (That one didn’t scare me.) I really enjoyed listening to Neil read this book. It might have been the first book I listened to him narrate.

I like listening to authors narrate their own books. Another favorite is Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist. That one was hard, because I listened to it very soon after Carrie’s passing. Still, it was wonderful hearing her words in her voice.

And that’s my six links! Thank you again to Louise for alerting me to this meme and to Kate at booksaremyfavouriteandbest for hosting it!


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