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Party Post Part 3 ~ the Night Circus

As you hopefully know by now, a while ago I was talking with Ally about book-themed food, and while I’ve already posted some of the themed parties I’ve been a part of, this idea is the one that jump-started this series of blog posts. I haven’t had a Night Circus party yet, but I really, really want to.

Here are some ideas for what I might want to do…

Sweet T ‘n’ Books has fun Night Circus book club ideas & snack recipes (like chocolate mice and popcorn, along with a variety of other food ideas). I particularly love the “quotes on the wine glass” suggestion.

Home is where the boat is has some pictures of a VERY creative and lovely midnight dinner themed table, plus a recipe for a mini parfait. I also love that this one focused on the midnight dinners where the circus creators all met and socialized instead of on the circus itself.

This Night Circus gradient cake is a great idea as well, and could be decorated in different ways depending on your skill and other decor.


Delicious Reads goes ALL OUT with the decor. I think if we were to hold a party this would be one of our main go-to sites for decorating ideas. There are also book club discussion ideas and fun pictures of the food–though sadly no recipes that I saw.

This link from The Theme Party Girl would be my other decorating go-to site. There are also games described and some great pictures of guest costumes.

RiverMoose-Reads has a Bookish Baking series, and this second post is all about the Cinnamon Things at Le Cirque des Rêves. (Can I also just say how much I LOVE that series of posts? Too fun.)

My apologies for not including any photos this time around, but since I didn’t take these photos I didn’t want to post any of them here. I do recommend you click through to see the photos on the original sites, though, because they are a lot of fun!


7 thoughts on “Party Post Part 3 ~ the Night Circus

    1. I like Rivermoose’s book baking series, too! I’m a little sad I found it *after* doing my own baking for book parties, because it’s a great resource. Oh well, have to have another party!

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