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WIP Wednesday for 10 October 2018

The Seeta Mitts are finished! I’ll be knitting more mitts shortly, too. I had forgotten how QUICKLY they knit up when you actually work on them. Such great quick gratification projects. (Quick… but not quite instant.)

There are the completed Seeta Fingerless Gloves. I still haven’t figured out the best way to block them, but since they’re a 2019 gift I have a little bit of time to make that work. (And I may decide not to bother. We’ll have to see.)

Now that those mitts are done I’ve started a new pair!

These are the Cupcake Mittlets, and they will also be a gift next year. These are knitting up extremely quickly. I just started them over the weekend, and haven’t even spent that much time working on them. I’m knitting these with Knit Picks Capra also, and REALLY LOVE THAT YARN. When I pulled the yarn for these mitts out of the stash, I found two more balls of Capra in white, and I think this is yarn I had bought with the intent to make myself mitts, so I’m excited to get a chance to make myself some mitts with this yummy yarn.

And in addition I’m still working on the Close to You shawl:

This is a really easy pattern to memorize, though I sometimes have nearly gotten myself in trouble by not counting rows. It is annoyingly easy to keep knitting merrily away in pattern on the stockinette side without remembering the pattern for the eyelet side, and missing my decreases. Time for a row-counter stitch marker…


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 10 October 2018

    1. Thank you! Mitts are some of the fastest projects I’ve knit, and are great for nearly-instant-gratification knitting. Hats and some cowls can be faster, but I wear mitts more than hats so I also knit them more often.

      1. There used to be glove forms for drying your gloves (back when every woman wore gloves.) They are flat, like the sock blockers that you can buy now. I have a set that I got from either my mother-in-law or my grandmother, I’ve forgotten which. You might be able to find some on ebay or someplace like that.

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