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WIP Wednesday for 3 October 2018

There has been knitting! And finishing! I’ll start with that, because it happened longest ago. I finished the Raw Honey mitts! They are soft and squishy and it will be hard to give them away as originally planned instead of keeping them for myself. Still, here they are:



Finished Raw Honey

So yummy. I really will have to make myself some mitts with Capra (or some other cashmere blend yarn).

I am also still knitting on the Stargate GAL square, though I have forgotten to take a new in-progress picture of it. Oops. I’m still enjoying it, as well. I’ll be mostly focusing on this at home (the mitts at the end of this post are my current travel knitting) though there are other projects which will be taking some attention as well. One of them is my newest knit, which I’ve been wanting to cast on for a while but which Bonny inspired me to cast on before I had intended to — the Close to You shawl:





Close to You shawl start

This yarn is an artist’s series special from Purls of Joy in Healdsburg, which I picked up when visiting a friend over the summer. It’s a merino / silk blend and so pretty.

And finally, I have also been knitting on the Seeta Mitts again. Some time ago I finished Mitt #1 and the cuff of Mitt #2, and then stalled out on them. (Not sure why. I think I was on gift knitting burnout. It happens.) So they’ve been hibernating for some time, but are now almost finished. I have knit Mitt #1 and all of Mitt #2 except the top ribbing and the thumb.


Seeta Mitts

I’m enjoying the pattern, but it’s a tad annoying knitting mitts for someone with much smaller hands than I have. I can’t try them on to make sure they will fit. And I don’t have anything convenient to use for blocking them — and these mitts will need blocking. Due to the slip-stitch pattern, the palm section (in stockinette) is much more relaxed than the back of the hand section (in the slip-stitch pattern). Without blocking they look awkward and not very nice. I’ll need to find something to use to block them out nicely. (Do any of you have experience with this, and / or any suggestions for how to block them?)

Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 3 October 2018

    1. Thank you! The Raw Honey mitts are also so soft and comfy. The pink ones have been completed now, and I hope to have an FO pic of them next Wednesday.

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