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WIP Wednesday for 19 September 2018

I’ve been working on the Raw Honey Mitts again on my lunch breaks, and have been zipping right along on them (now that they’re getting worked on again). (Everything else got put on hold while I finished my sweater.) While I have also been knitting on my GAL Blanket, I’m going to focus just on the mitts today.

Raw Honey Mitt error correction

I recently finished Mitt #2. You may or may not remember that I had made an error in Mitt #1: I knit four rounds of the pattern before starting the thumb, instead of knitting four repeats. Anyway, I finished Mitt #2. I allowed myself to be pleased for a minute. Then I took pictures showing just how obvious the missing rows were.

Raw Honey Mitt error correction

Sigh. Then I bit the bullet and ripped back Mitt #1 to where I messed up. It was annoying, but easy enough to do, and I know it will make me happier with this project in the long run.

Raw Honey Mitt error correction

Now I’m re-knitting Mitt #1 (does that make it Mitt #3?) and will finish the pair correctly this time. This is one of the gift knits for this year, so it does have priority knitting status. As long as I don’t make any more major errors (and I think this project has had its share of that) it will be easily finished before Christmas.

At least the yarn (Knit Picks Capra) is a lovely blend of merino and cashmere, and knits up well even after having been frogged. And it’s so yummy to knit with that I (almost) don’t mind having to re-do a section of it.

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