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Party Post Part 1 ~ Harry Potter Party

This is going to be the first in a series of throwback posts to themed parties my family and I have held over the years, along with an idea or two that we still have for additional parties (when we eventually have time).

I was talking with Ally about book-themed food, and it came up that my family and I have hosted several themed parties but I’ve never posted about them. So, here’s a look at the various Harry Potter parties (yes, plural) that we’ve had. The first one was for Harry’s birthday. It’s also been a great theme for kids birthday parties (and aren’t we all kids at heart?) and Halloween parties. I’m not going to differentiate between the various parties, but here’s a look at what we’ve done in the past.

The food table was both the easiest to do and yet the hardest to make choices about. There are so many ideas and recipes that you just have to pick and choose for yourself.

Some of the recipes & food ideas we used:

We also got a bit ambitious with the decorations. We used electrical tape and theatre lighting gels to make “stained glass windows.” (If you do this, a warning: take them down again right away. Don’t leave them up “because they’re pretty” for long enough that the tape doesn’t want to come off the window cleanly.) We also got some scene setter backdrops to make the stone walls for our “potions classroom” area of the house, and draped stuff we didn’t want seen with random fabric depending on the mood we wanted to set in any given room. And the washable window pens they make for writing on car windows work really well on bathroom mirrors for writing creepy messages.

There are various games you can play with a Potter Party, of course. We did a version of Quiddich that was on a soccer field and was a cross between (American) football and basketball. It was confusing, but that’s Quiddich! We also designed “potions class” where you have ingredients set out and instructions for how to mix some potions; “divination class” where you try to read tea leaves; and “herbology class” where students planted a (jelly) bean in a dirt made of crushed Oreo cookies, and then later it had grown into (candy) spearmint leaves. It was a ton of fun.


herbology lesson after the beans had “magically” sprouted

For the birthday Potter Party, we also had fun goodie bags. They included the obvious store-bought Harry Potter candies (chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s Beans), but we also made magical seed packets (containing beads) and portable potions (using hand sanitizers) with the help of some print-outs we found on Etsy. We also made chocolate Golden Snitches out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and printed wings. We enjoyed the preparation almost as much as the party itself.

Also, if you need other great ideas for a Harry Potter party of your own, I highly recommend checking out Epbot’s posts on the subject. That’s where we got several of our ideas, including recipes for Treacle Tarts and the Pensieve Punch (though we didn’t have the time or ability to make the bowl for it. Alas).


9 thoughts on “Party Post Part 1 ~ Harry Potter Party

  1. How fun! We did a party for Harry’s birthday one year but only made butterbeer and watched one of the movies. But my favorite birthday party was when I had a Twilight party, with “blood” to drink (sangria), and pizza, apples, and Twizzlers to eat. Themed parties are a blast!

    1. Oh, that is fun! I’d need some kind of juice for a sangria substitute, though, since enough of the people we’d invite don’t drink. Maybe call them different blood types, LOL. The Potter Parties are the ones we’ve gone all out for; the others that we have done were more subtle. (I think that’s partly because we’ve done multiple Potter Parties, and so have built upon prior ideas. Also, our guests had their own costumes for that one.)

  2. You’ve had some great parties! I love the Ferrero Roche snitches; I’m tucking that idea away for my next HP-themed party, if I have another. And the ginger newts. Where did you find the scene setter backdrops?

    We did a Harry Potter birthday party for our daughter when she was about 8 or 9. I bought a HP-decorated cake from the local grocery store’s bakery, decorated the house with both purchased and homemade decor (I made gold and crimson fabric banners, and found some Hogwarts crests printed on thick poster paper.) We had games and activities based on Hogwarts classes. They decorated wands. In Care of Magical Creatures, they were divided into teams and did a relay race in which they had to herd a balloon across the lawn using a broom. In Transfiguration, they turned pens into flowers, and in Herbology, “planted” them in pots they decorated and filled with dry beans. In Potions, they made smoothies. The kids had a lot of fun, but I think I had just as much fun planning and preparing it all!

    1. Sounds like fun! I love how so many people can take the same basic ideas and put their own spin on them to make them unique. The balloon-herding race sounds especially fun to watch. 🙂

      My sister got the scene setter backdrops. It might have been at a Halloween store? But I’m not really sure. The Ferrero Roche snitches were a lot of fun, but it was a bit tricky finding tape that would stick to the foil. I didn’t want to use glue because it would take too long to dry, but that might have been the better option.

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