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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Bingeworthy TV Shows/Movies

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! Don’t forget to head over to That Artsy Reader Girl and join the linkup!


Bingeworthy TV Shows/Movies

(The new fall TV season is starting up this month, so let’s talk about what shows everyone should watch when they’re not reading!)

I don’t actually binge a lot of TV shows, but there are some I do. Although, even with these Mr. Wyrm and I try very hard to space them out at least a little so that we can process all the twisty-turny bits and better enjoy the show.

1. Westworld
This is one of the few shows I get so caught up in that I have trouble knitting while watching. So many twists and turns!

2. Doctor Who
New Who is easier to binge than Old Who. Old Who is best watched an episode at a time so that you get the best impact of the episodes’ cliffhanger endings.

3. Stranger Things
I don’t remember how quickly we watched the first season of Stranger Things. I do know that we forced ourselves to move slowly with season two, though, so that we could make the show last longer.

4. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
We watch a lot of MST3k. A LOT. Both the new series on Netflix, and the classic shows wherever we can find them.

5. Lost (Mr. Wyrm’s addition)
I still haven’t seen more than the first few episodes. I intend to watch more, but I keep getting distracted by newer shows that I don’t know the ending of. (Yes, I read about all the spoiler-y stuff about Lost’s ending before I ever saw the first episode. Not recommended.)

6. Lord of the Rings
With three long movies (and the possibility to make them even longer with the Director’s Cuts) there is a lot of binge-ing possibility here. (Even without mentioning the Hobbit movies.)

7. Jurassic Park
The original. The classic.

8. anything riffed by RiffTrax
This is what some of the MST3k stars have been doing since the original MST3k went off the air. They’ve been doing this for 12 years now, and if you enjoy making fun of silly (or horrible) movies, you owe it to yourself to check out their work. My favorites include Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

9. Harry Potter
As with LOTR, you can binge heavily on the Potter movies. And then add in the RiffTrax “just the jokes” audio, and you can watch it all over again for even more fun.

10. anime!!!
Okay, first of all, I could have included nearly (or more than… not sure) 10 anime series worth binge-watching without adding anything else on this list. However, anime is not for everyone, so I left it to the end of the list and only one item. Next time I come across a TTT topic that I’m not inspired to do, I’ll revisit this topic and will focus exclusively on anime.

So that’s that! Are any of these TV shows or movies on your “must watch” list? Do you have others to suggest based on the ones I’ve listed above?

(Side note: I suspect Game of Thrones will be on many lists this week. I am glad so many people enjoy it, but since I don’t, it’s not on my list. I am hopeful that it will help CGI dragons get completely perfected, though, so that we eventually get a Dragonriders of Pern series.)


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Bingeworthy TV Shows/Movies

  1. Good choice with Lost. I watched that as it came out each season. It was a tough 6+ years 🙂 but I still loved every moment of it.

    I’ve been binging all the Rifftrax that amazon has on Prime. Haven’t paid for any yet, but some of those “bigger” movies I’m getting really tempted!

  2. Jurassic Park is one of my all-time favorites – movie and book! I can’t decide if I want to get back into Westworld – I watched some of the first season and dropped off watching; maybe I’ll give it another try!

    1. I really want to read Jurassic Park again. I love the movie, but don’t remember much about how the book is different.

      I liked Westworld a lot, but I found that if I paused for too long between episodes I’d have to go back and re-watch them or I’d get even more confused by it than normal. 😉

  3. Westworld is pretty awesome 🙂 It’s one of the shows Mr. DZ and I enjoy watching together! Although we still have to finish season 2. We just can’t find the time^^

    Ooooh Doctor Who.. I probably watched the Tennant seasons a couple times. And I loved the one with Eccleston. But after Tennant they lost me and I haven’t picked it up again.

    Anime xD I started rewatching Naruto Shippuden yesterday, because I never finished it and decided to start in the beginning again.. will only take me years ^^

    1. Mr. Wyrm and I enjoy watching both Westworld and Doctor Who together. I’m really curious to see how (if) Doctor Who changes now that the Doctor is a woman for the first time.

      We started re-watching Humanity Has Declined lately, because it’s a really fun anime and there’s so much we missed from our first viewing of it.

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