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The Cookie Book Tag


Ally recently posted the Cookie Book Tag and it sounded interesting so I decided to play along. Plus, I have been accused of being a cookie monster at times, so…

Chocolate Chip | A Classic Book That You Love or Really Enjoyed

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. I don’t remember it much now, but I really enjoyed it.

Thin Mints | A Fandom That You Really Want to ‘Join’ and/or a Hyped-Up Book You Want To Read

The Bear and the Nighingale by Katherine Arden. As with most hyped books, though, I’m afraid that I won’t like it and will be disappointed.

Shortbread | An Author You Can’t Get Enough Of

Seanan McGuire. Hands down.

Samoas | An Emotional Rollercoaster

The most recent book to fit this description is Diane Duane’s The Book of Night with Moon. It normally wouldn’t be as much up and down, but with my cat having health issues, it made it hard to read about other cats having trouble. And it is a well-written book, so it packs an emotional punch.

Oreos | A Book Whose Cover Was Better Than The Story OR Vice Versa, Where The Story Was Better Than Its Cover

On Fortune’s Wheel by Cynthia Voigt. I loved the story, but really… that cover is pretty awful…


Tagalongs / Peanut Butter Patties | A Book That Wasn’t What You Expected

Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I didn’t expect it to be so closely tied to the TV show by the same name. I thought it was going to be deeper and harder to connect to. I was pleasantly surprised by how accessible this one was.

Snickerdoodles | A Book You May Never Stop Rereading / Loving

Oh. I was supposed to pick just one? Oops.

Plus, I absolutely have to agree with some of the categories. I will never stop loving Snickerdoodles, for example, and the Oreo filling is so much better than the cookie. (Though, I get regular Oreos because when I’m actually eating them I like that filling-to-cookie ratio better than the double-stuff Oreo ratio.)

Yeah, just like the books, I can’t pick just one snickerdoodle, either.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you feel like playing along make sure to ping me so I can see what your answers are!

12 thoughts on “The Cookie Book Tag

    1. Good to know! I’ve heard only glowing raves about The Bear and the Nightingale. I don’t think I’ve even heard anyone worry about whether they’ll like it. 🙂

          1. I have not had much luck finding a soft gingersnap. They’re usually too firm for my taste (but I eat them anyway). I’d agree, though, they are both awesome.

    1. Thanks, it was a really fun tag! As you can tell, I love Seanan McGuire’s work. One thing I enjoy is that she has so many different places for you to start, based on what kind of book you’re interested in. And I haven’t even tried the books under her Mira Grant pen name yet, either…

        1. I’m curious about some of the Mira Grant books. They do tend toward horror, but some seem to still be the kind of book I might enjoy. But I love the Incryptid and October Daye series! I haven’t come close to catching up on either yet, but they’re fun.

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