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WIP Wednesday for 15 August 2018

Happy WIP Wednesday! I hope you’ve been having a good August so far, because it’s half-way over. (Yikes.)

I’ve been knitting on my latest worsted-weight GAL square, but before I show you a photo of that, let me show you the blanket progress to date:








I’ve decided that since this one is a gift I’m bumping it up in priority over the fingering weight GAL blanket I’m making myself. Also, since I know that I’m making this one 24 squares big, I have an obvious end-point in sight. On the one I’m making for myself I have still not decided how big to make it. (And since they keep releasing squares I want to add, I may never decide to be done with it.)

(Side note: after finishing it and binding off, I realized that I added an extra row to the D20 square. See how the top of the die there looks slightly odd? That’s the duplicate row. Oops. Don’t tell, because I’m not going to go back to fix it.)

In any case, that’s the already completed squares, and here’s the one currently in progress:





WIP Weds 8-15-18

I have also gotten my Trekking is the New Black socks to the half-way point, with sock #1 finished and the ends sewn in. I’m enjoying this knit, but it’s for me and has no deadline, so I’m considering letting the socks hibernate for a little while before I start the second sock. On the other hand, the pattern goes really fast since it’s mostly stockinette, so I could probably get the pair finished quickly. Even though I haven’t cast on sock #2 yet, here’s a picture of the finished first sock:




WIP Weds 8-15-18

And lastly, we’ll end with a picture of the current sweater progress. (This one does kinda have a deadline, since it’s part of my 101 in 1001 challenge. I want to get the sweater at least finished enough by the end of the month that I’ll know if I have enough yarn spun for it already, or if I need to spin more.) I’m working on the sleeves now, and I’m doing the Alternative Sleeve for the Boyfriend Sweater. Reading the descriptions on Ravelry, it sounded like a better fit for how I like my sweaters, so we’ll see what I think once I’ve finished it.


WIP Weds 8-15-18

Have a great Wednesday and rest of the week!


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 15 August 2018

    1. Sometimes! Other times I watch TV. Sometimes I’ll even read paper books while I knit. (The steering wheel in my car is a great way to hold a book open, and if it’s a simple knitting pattern — like those socks — I can do both at once.)

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