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WIP Wednesday for 11 July 2018

Well, I guess I can be an example to all my fellow knitters today. Why? Because of the test knit I’ve been working on. I was working away on it, got complacent, thought I knew what the instructions said, and ended up making a simple mistake that I needed to fix in order to do a proper test knit. The total end result was nearly a wasted week as far as knitting progress went. I’m glad that I fixed the error, among other things because my tally of yarn used would have been waaaaay off if I hadn’t. But still, it was a wrench to do it.

When I made my decision to fix the error I made (completely my own fault; this one wasn’t in any way caused by the pattern, I just didn’t knit enough rows and didn’t check my stitch count before continuing), my knitting had progressed to here:

Fixing Ectoplasm Shawl error

You can see the needle far down in the shawl where I needed to rip back to. I took another picture after frogging back to the error spot:

Fixing Ectoplasm Shawl error

That was Saturday morning. (I deliberately didn’t do this on Friday night with a glass of wine. I wanted to fix the problem, not cause more problems. It did require some strong tea, though.)

I worked on fixing my error all weekend, and though I didn’t knit 24/7 I did put in quite a few hours on the shawl. Mr. Wyrm tried to make me feel better by reminding me that this way I got more knitting for my money, since I got to knit the same section twice.

As of Sunday evening, I’d gotten back to here:

Fixing Ectoplasm Shawl error

Not quite where I was before I had to rip back, but nearly. I’ve been knitting since then, but since the deadline (and presumed official release) is this Friday, I won’t be posting any more recent photos until after the official shawl release.

Also, these pictures were all taken in artificial light (since they were taken in the morning and evening instead of mid-day) so the color saturation is off. Still, even though I’m sad about the extra work and mad at myself for making a rookie mistake, I’m glad that the shawl will be correct when I finish it.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 11 July 2018

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to have it finished tonight, but we’ll see. It has been a lot of fun knitting it, and this was enough fun that I’ll be knitting another one for sure.

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