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WIP Wednesday for 27 June 2018

There has been knitting to share with you this week! Yay!

First up is the Don’t Cage Me In socks:

Don't Cage Me In Socks

These are fun, and I’m finally to the point where I can try them on again. I wasn’t able to  during the heel section for fear of breaking the needles. It made me a little nervous while I was knitting the heel, because I wasn’t sure about the length. However, I guess I shouldn’t have worried, because it fits well! You can also kinda tell in the heel flap section, but I’m starting to get a color change. The Chroma Twist yarn is a lot slower to change color than I’m used to from a Chroma yarn.

I’ve also been working on the D20 Geek-A-Long square:

D20 Geek-A-Long Square #2

(And yes, I extreme-double-knit this one, too)

D20 Geek-A-Long Square #2

This is for the 2nd version of the blanket, made with worsted weight yarn instead of the first one I started longer ago with fingering yarn. It’s been a lot of fun making squares with the two different weights of yarn! I will be making two blankets, one for me and one for a gift. I do enjoy seeing how the same squares (in some cases) look different the second time I make them. Super fun.

And I FINALLY decided to block the Lacy Entrelac Scarf. (Scarf soup! I don’t know why, but seeing bundles of knitwear soaking in soapy water is something that I have always enjoyed. I’ve taken more pictures of soaking hand knits than I can explain.)


Blocking is really magic. I haven’t taken a full set of glamor shots for the scarf yet, but I did take a blocking-in-progress shot:

Blocking Lacy Entrelac Scarf

I really like the way this turned out. I’m looking forward to gifting it and getting to see it worn!

Have a great rest of the week!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 27 June 2018

  1. My goodness that scarf is awesome! And the socks are pretty darn cool too. I love such things but cannot make them. Lack of talent and patience. Especially the patience part. I am still in awe of yer projects. Arrr!!
    x The Captain

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