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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Series I’ve Given Up On

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Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Plan to Finish

Heh. There are so many series I have started, and lots of them I’ve stopped reading for one reason or another. There’s at least one I have since been convinced to give another try, and I’ll add that at the end of this list, since I haven’t actually restarted it yet. Still… there’s a lot of series that I’m just done with. (Links go to the series list on Goodreads.)

1. Study by Maria V. Snyder
Poison Study was a great book. I read the sequel because I enjoyed the first book so much. I didn’t enjoy the second one nearly as much, though, so I’m not going to be reading on. (According to Goodreads, though, I even read the third book. I didn’t rate books two or three, though, so I don’t know anything at all about my opinion of book three. And no, I’m not going to re-read the rest of the series to remember it. I’m just going to pretend it’s a stand-alone novel.)

2. Pern by Anne Todd McCaffrey
I didn’t even enjoy all of Anne’s Pern stories, but once Todd took over the series was dead to me. (Yes, I did read one of the collaboration books. It didn’t feel like the same series, and lacked the magic I enjoyed in my favorite of the Pern books.)

3. Nadia Stafford by Kelley Armstrong
I really enjoyed Kelley’s Otherworld series, and I read all of the novels in that series (and most of the short stories). But I also tried her Nadia Stafford series, and couldn’t get into it. I just didn’t like any of the characters much in book one, so I decided there were too many other books out there to keep going with the series.

4. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
I read the first two books and did not enjoy them, so I’m done. Lots of my friends love this series, so I don’t really know what made them so unpleasant to me.

5. Dragon Jousters by Mercedes Lackey
The first book in this series was so completely average to me that I have no memory of it. As such… there’s no point in continuing with the series. (Also… I’m kinda thinking that I should take this attitude with all of Lackey’s recent work. Read on…)

6. Elemental Masters by Mercedes Lackey
The first books in this series were a lot of fun. I have read nine of the thirteen currently-published books. But while I loved the first couple of books, the middle ones were hit-and-miss. And the more recent ones contained everything that annoys me about Lackey’s recent work and none (or few) of the things that I enjoyed about her classic work. (Think I’m done with talk of Lackey’s series yet? Keep reading…)

7. Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey
I liked the early books, but the series got tired. Sensing a theme yet? I still enjoy many of the Valdemar books written before 2000, and have those on my keeper shelf to re-read. But beyond that… I’m good. (Side note: Goodreads tracks 42 titles in this series. Forty-two. When a series gets that long, even taking into account that some of those are short story collections or 3-in-1 versions of the various trilogies, IT IS TIME TO STOP *.)

8. Demonica by Larissa Ione
I really enjoyed this series. However, I thought it ended after book five, yet apparently it did not. I was satisfied with the ending, and my reading preferences have changed, so I won’t be continuing with the books. If my reading tastes change back, and I start reading more romances again, I might re-read the first books in this series. Who knows? At that point I might change my mind about being done with this series. I reserve that right… I just don’t see any change happening in the near future (if at all).

9. Dante Valentine by Lilith Saintcrow
This is case of accidental giving-up-on. I have intended to read more in this series… ever since I finished the second book about ten years ago. In some respects this series doesn’t belong on this list, because book three is still on my TBR. However, I haven’t had any actual desire to pick the books back up for ten years, so… that kinda speaks for itself. (On the other hand, I still love the author’s more recent works, like the Bannon and Clare series, so maybe I do owe it to myself to read Dante Valentine again.)

10. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Since giving up on this series mid-way through book four, I’ve been told that about where I threw the book against the wall is where it started to get better. I do plan to go back to this series and give it another try… but until I do, it has earned its place on this list.

Have you read any of the series I’ve given up on? And do you agree with my decision to quit, or is there a turning point (as with The Dresden Files) where it gets better, so I should keep reading?

* italics AND all caps. That’s how you know I’m serious.  😉


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Series I’ve Given Up On

  1. The Dresden Files (altho I made it farther than you did), Stephanie Plum, Eve & Roarke (JD Robb), Pern, The Hollows (Kim Harrison)… There are more! I am not a fan of a series that starts to seem like it’s only continuing to make $$, not for character/plot development.

    1. I’m with you there! Making money is important if we want more books, of course, but the story should still be able to stand on its own merits. I was almost to that point with the Iron Druid Chronicles, and I certainly got there with Pern. I think I’m at that point with The Cat Who books, though that’s harder because Koko and Yum Yum are fun.

    1. I gave up on the second book in His Dark Materials, so I don’t blame you for not going past book one. The covers for the boxed sets can be lovely, though!

  2. I started the first book in His Dark Materials a long time ago but I never finished it. There was just something about it that I didn’t like. I might try to read it again someday but it’s not a high priority.

    1. Agreed, I can’t pinpoint why I didn’t like it. I just didn’t. If felt icky to me, without having any real obvious thing I could use as an example of why. Oh well.

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