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WIP Wednesday for 13 June 2018

I’ve been knitting, but as I mentioned on Sunday I’ve been a bit busier than I’m used to. So, while there is knitting, there’s not tons of it. I only have two WIPs that I’m currently working on… this week, at least. There are others that I have going, but haven’t had the time to work on them this past week. Also, this is going to be a shorter post than usual.

We’ll start with the WIP I’ve been working on the longest, the Don’t Cage Me In socks.

WIP Weds 6-13-18

I decided to do a gussett heel for this instead of the short-row heel that was written. I’m just about to start the heel flap, and then I’ll work the pattern up the leg. I’m hoping that this will fit well… but it’s really hard for me to try on socks that I’m knitting on DPNs. I might move it to a circular needle just to try it on. I like knitting on DPNs, but I now remember one of the reasons I stopped using them for socks on a regular basis. (The other big reason was that I constantly feel like I’m going to break them if I’m knitting anything more complicated than stockinette or basic ribbing.)

Still, even with the issues I’m having fun knitting it. I’m really looking forward to getting to the color change, though.

The other thing I’ve been knitting this week is the next Geek-A-Long square for the worsted-weight version I’m knitting as a gift.

WIP Weds 6-13-18

This is the second time I’m knitting the D20 square, and I’m enjoying it as much as I did the first time. I’m going to do extreme double knitting for the number on this one as well, so that one side says 20 and the other side says 1. (For anyone who doesn’t know, a real d20 has 20 sides, and the 20 and the 1 are indeed on opposite sides of each other.)

I really enjoy knitting the more complicated GAL squares, partly because it’s such a satisfying feeling to finish one. However, the squares like this one that are a bit less complicated go so much faster! And this one has enough going on that it still keeps my interest.

So that’s this week’s knitting! Next week hopefully there will be more to show you. Work is settling into a routine, at least a little, so things are a bit less insane at the moment than they have been the rest of the month.

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 13 June 2018

    1. Thank you! And yes, double knitting looks more complicated than it is. (Though, like anything in knitting, you can make it very complicated if you want to.)

    1. The gray is getting lighter now, so it won’t be too much longer! This yarn has even longer color sections than I’m used to from Chroma. It’s kinda weird. I wonder if all of the Chroma Twist colorways are like that?

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