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Poetry Linkity (and other things)

I thought I’d do a poetry linkity this month, since April is National Poetry Month. First, though, a couple other non-poetry links…

Some links that I got from Chris…


Seanan McGuire on fanfic
Fanfic is a natural human interaction with story. Children do it before they know its name. People who swear they would never do such a thing actually do it all the time, retelling fairy tales and Shakespearean dramas and family anecdotes in new lights and new settings. FANFIC WILL NEVER DIE. We need to acknowledge that fact: we need to accept that fanfic is never going away, and that it would suck a sack of wasps through a funnel if it did, because we need it. We need to center old stories in new ways, to update The Default…

There are still a couple more days to download nine free Kindle books from Amazon Crossing’s Read The World promo celebrating World Book Day. I’ve been noticing that the authors on my books read list aren’t very diverse (they’re mostly white Americans), and this is one way to find more diverse books for my TBR list.

April is National Poetry Month. More than that, April 26th is Poem in your Pocket Day 2018, which sounds neat. I wonder what poem I’ll carry in my pocket? (I wonder if I’ll remember to?)

There are lots of links for how to write a poem.

There are at least as many links about how to read a poem. And even more on how to analyze a poem.

The Poetry Foundation has a lot of great resources.

I’ve still been enjoying getting a Poem-A-Day delivered to my inbox. If you want to read the poems without having them emailed to you, you can read them on their website.

Here are some good poetry writing prompts for if you want to write a poem but don’t know where to start.

And a poem, since it’s April:

what terrifies me most is how we
foam at the mouth with envy
when others succeed
but sigh in relief
when they are failing

our struggle to
celebrate each other is
what’s proven most difficult
in being human

― Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Have a great day!


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