Sunday Linkity for April Fools Easter

Today is both Easter and April Fools Day, and I think that is pretty funny. It seems that I’m not the only one.

Mashable has some mean pranks (they call them funny) for Easter.

Oh Honestly’s pranks are only slightly nicer.

The suggestions at Hello Giggles are a lot more reasonable, and remind pranksters not to mess with church services (or Easter lunch).

The Christian Century has some good (and serious) discussions on jokes in the Bible.

One reason we miss jokes in the Bible is our Puritan tradition of disdain for levity, which tends to frame the things Jesus says as pithy ripostes or clever aphorisms—but not jokes.

United Methodist Communications also points out “the foolishness of God”.

“God has to have a sense of humor when you think about it. Just look at the hippos, the giraffes, or the Kardashians!”

And as a final Easter link, we all love Pusheen.

A Tail of Two Bunny Books

And for a non-Easter bunny link, here is the Goodreads page for a new book about a bunny: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. You may know Marlon Bundo as the BOTUS. John Oliver at Last Week Tonight on HBO recently did a piece on Mike Pence and Pence’s policies. At the finale of the segment, he announced that there were two books written about Marlon Bundo being released: one written by Charlotte and Karen Pence which shows Bundo following the VP around for a day (with proceeds going to A21 and Tracey’s Kids) and one by Last Week Tonight staff about a gay Marlon Bundo falling in love and wanting to marry another boy bunny (with proceeds going to The Trevor Project and AIDS United). According to the New Yorker, the Last Week Tonight version is the better book. (Incidentally, that is what the book’s official website is: I have purchased the audio version, and will be listening to it as soon as we can get a hard copy of the book to read-along, so that we get the benefit of both the illustrations and the wonderful voice cast.

The best part of this story, however? It looks like Charlotte Pence (the VEEP’s daughter and author of the other bunny book) ALSO bought a copy of the Last Week Tonight Marlon Bundo book because “the only thing better than one bunny book for charity is…TWO bunny books for charity“. (Plus the real Marlon Bundo *does* look good in a bow tie.) (Because bow ties are cool.)

But today’s linkity isn’t all Easter or April Fools!

Over at The Orangutan Librarian, the Librarian has a list of ways you can read books for free or cheap instead of resorting to book pirating. (And we agree that book pirates should walk the plank.)

Tor has an interesting article on Harry Potter and the Battle for Gun Control.

You can now learn to speak Klingon using Duolingo (on their website only so far).

The Geek-A-Long ladies at Lattes and Llamas are doing a mystery sock knit-along for fair isle gradient Nessie socks. I need Nessie socks in my life, even though I wasn’t planning on starting any new knitting projects until I finished something currently OTN…

Ally posted this month’s woman of the month post, featuring scientist Katsuko Saruhashi.

And I think that’s all for today. Have a great Easter, try to avoid any truly nasty April Fools pranks, and have a lovely day!

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