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WIP Wednesday for 28 March 2018


Right. Remember the Vanilla sock I started using Chroma Twist fingering yarn? The one that I started and then frogged and restarted? Well… it’s going to get frogged again. I’m just not happy with how it’s turning out as a vanilla sock. I’m going to frog it, and wind the yarn into two equal balls, and then knit some as-yet-undetermined toe-up pattern that actually has a pattern instead. I like the yarn and the fabric it’s making, just not the way it looks in stockinette.

I did like the way it looked against a backdrop of a Bahamian island, which is where I spent a good deal of time knitting on it.

Knitting in the Bahamas

Since it’s been two weeks since my last WIP Weds post, there has been other knitting progress as well. I’ve gotten a little farther on my Groot GAL square:

And the Chroma Entrelac Scarf has been growing as well:

For the most part, though, the knitting of the month has been fighting with the Chroma Twist socks. Alas.

Have a great rest of the week!


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