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Sunday Summary ~ 25 March 2018

I am not entirely sure how it is already the end of March. Ah well, these things happen. Here are some highlights of the month:

  1. I saw the Disney movie version of “A Wrinkle In Time” and, while it is not the book I did enjoy it a lot. The movie takes the bones of the book’s story and fleshes it out with visuals that a modern audience can understand. It dumbs down the science. (A LOT.) And it takes liberties that I didn’t think I’d like (such as making the cast multi-racial) and it turns out that I LOVE. (I really wasn’t sure about Oprah as one of the Mrs. But she does a good job. I was also worried about the child leads, since I didn’t know them. But they do a great job, too. This one is worth watching… and then go read (or re-read) the book.
  2. Mr. Wyrm and I saw “Frozen” and “Hamilton” on Broadway. So excited! I love seeing plays, period, but seeing them on the Broadway stage seems so much better. Perhaps because they have semi-permanent homes and so the sets and stages can get more elaborate than the traveling shows. We’ve taken to calling this NYC trip our visit to see Hamilton and Brrr. (A play on words. Because Hamilton also features Aaron Burr. Yes, we think we’re funny.)
  3. I kept starting knitting projects instead of actually finishing more of the ones I have on the needles. This will eventually change, but it does seem that spring is a traditional time for knitters to get startitis.
  4. Reading happened. More than I had expected, to be honest. It included graphic novels, too, which I enjoy but don’t usually remember to read.
  5. I survived a trip to IKEA (and the assembly afterward). Suzy is not so sure about her new IKEA cat furniture, but either she’ll decide to use it or we’ll have a new shelf unit for other things.

March 2018 Status:

Side note: since the February Summary was posted with three days left in the month, this one includes a few items completed in February as well. I’ll put an asterisk at the end of the ones finished in February.


Knitting projects finished:
  • Periodic Table GAL square *
  • Thor GAL square
Knitting WIPs:
  • 2016 GAL Blanket (current square: Studio Ghibli)
  • 2018 GAL Blanket (current square: Groot)
  • Lacy Entrelac Chroma Scarf
  • Purple Majesty Boyfriend Sweater
  • Raw Honey Mitts
  • Minecraft Socks
  • Seeta Mitts
  • Vanilla is the New Black socks


Books read:
  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (paper, re-read)
  • Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man by William Shatner (audio, new)
  • More Cute Stories Vol. 6: Knott’s Bear-y Tales by Rolly Crump (audio, new)
  • Frostbite by Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander (paper, graphic novel, new)
  • Sabaska’s Tale (Tales of the Travelers #1) by J.A. Campbell (e-book, new)
  • “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare (paper, play, re-read)
  • Doomsday Book by Connie Willis (paper, new)
Reviews written:
Books in progress:
  • Cosmos by Carl Sagan (audio, new, 50%)
  • Stand the Line by Lazette Gifford (e-book, new, 1%)
Challenge update:

While the rest of this status update has been for the current month only, this is my year-long progress on all of my reading challenges.

  • Books read: 18/60
  • Shakespeare plays: 1/10
  • Percent new books: 72.22%
  • Bucket List Books: 5
  • Backlist Reader Challenge: 6/40
  • Book reviews posted: 8
  • DNF reads: 2

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary ~ 25 March 2018

    1. Other friends I’ve talked to didn’t like it because of the ways it deviated from the book. I think it all depends on what movie you expect to see going in.

    1. Thanks! We’ve had a great month (and it’s not even quite over yet). Both Hamilton and Frozen were really enjoyable.

      I thought it was funny that you mentioned IKEA in recent linkity, since I’d just been after not having set foot in one for years.

  1. Great review on Ready Player One. I listened to the Audio Book and was literally sneaking upstairs to listed to “just a bit more” because I loved it.

    I do get what you mean though about the info-dumps. Personally I quite liked some of these because it was all quite nostalgic for some of the 80’s stuff.

    But that’s the thing I love about books though, is there is one out there for everyone! 🙂 🙂

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