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WIP Wednesday for 7 February 2018

I recently needed to bring a travel knitting project somewhere, but I couldn’t bring the mitts I’m working on since the person I’m going to be giving them to was going with me. So I looked at the other travel-sized projects I have on the needles, and decided I didn’t want to bring any of them.

  1. The Raw Honey mitts were out, due to my travel companion.
  2. The Minecraft socks might be an easy pattern, but I was coming up on the heel turn soon-ish and didn’t want to have to do my measuring / trying on half-finished socks on the plane.
  3. The mitts for my SIL have been waiting long enough that it would take too long for me to remember where I was in the pattern.
  4. The GAL squares (both of them) are double knitting and therefore more balls of yarn than I wanted to be dealing with at once.

So of course I cast on something new.

I went stash diving in search of some nice striped yarn or something that I would be happy making vanilla socks from. I found a lovely ball of Chroma fingering yarn. Lovely, and wanting to be cast on with, and not what I wanted for socks.

So instead I cast on a new scarf. Easy, right? No fuss, right?

Um. No. I cast on a lace entrelac scarf. Not at all any easier to deal with than the other projects I already have started.

Entrelac scarf

But it is lovely, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 7 February 2018

  1. It’s lovely! Beautiful colors, and a beautiful pattern. Entrelac is on my list to learn.

    And that’s so what I would do… cast on a new project because the others are inconvenient for the circumstances. I’m working on a Misty Garden scarf for my stepmum in angora. It sheds like mad, so I can’t work on it unless I’m willing to look like I own a multi-colored dog, which means I mostly work on it at home. I’m knitting on a baby sweater for a friend’s baby, but I’m getting close to the bottom edge, and I don’t want to run out of project. So when my husband and I go to a concert in a few days, I’ll be casting on something new! Probably the assymetrical shawl I want to make for my mom… if the lace pattern isn’t too hard. If it is, I guess I’ll be making socks again.

    1. LOL, sounds like we knit the same way! Every so often I’ll go on a finishing binge and will finish every (or at least most) WIP I have on the needles, but then I also go through periods where I cast on a new project every other week. 😉

      And thank you! Entrelac isn’t hard to learn once you understand the concept. One thing that really helps me out is knitting backwards (aka purling from the front). It means I don’t have to turn the work so often!

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