Sunday Shuffle

Sunday Shuffle

I mentioned enjoying my random iTunes shuffle the other day, so I thought I’d do a blog post with it! Here are the next 15 songs on my random shuffle today. Just for kicks! I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  1. Helplessly In Love” by New Edition (from the Dragnet soundtrack)
  2. Closing Time” by Semisonic
  3. Am I The Only One?” by Barenaked Ladies
  4. Unsurfed Waves” by Snowblink (this one was a gift from a friend)
  5. Allez Olla Ole” by Jessy Matador (France’s submission for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest)
  6. Vampire” by People in Planes (another gift from a different friend)
  7. California Girls” by The Beach Boys
  8. A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel
  9. Daft Punk” by Pentatonix
  10. The Waterwell And The Farmer’s Hand” by The Waltons
  11. Don’t You Worry Child” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
  12. Nature Boy” by David Bowie and Massive Attack (from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
  13. Swing Away” by RiffTrax
  14. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” by the Cal-Aggie Marching Band-Uh! (Go Ags! (I’m a UCD Grad, and always loved the Band-Uh!))
  15. Our Love is on Wings” by Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris, and Patton Oswalt (from Mystery Science Theatre 3000: the Return, which you can watch on Netflix)

So that’s my current playlist. Are you listening to anything fun right now? Is your music selection as eclectic as mine? (And we didn’t get any of my many Disney songs or classical pieces on this list, either.)


4 thoughts on “Sunday Shuffle

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty eclectic! 😀
    Ok, here’s my shot, with a bonus track because it was SO different from everything else (also, I collect cover versions of songs – you’ll maybe be able to tell):

    1. Bronx Lullaby (Tom Waits) – Waitswatcher
    2. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie) – He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
    3. Grey – Ani DiFranco
    4. Rock & Roll (The Velvet Underground) – The New Standards
    5. Yellow (Coldplay) – Jem
    6. Dearly Departed – DeVotchKa
    7. Sylvia’s Mother (Dr Hook) – Melissa Etheridge
    8. She’s Leaving Home (The Beatles) – Harry Nilsson
    9. Lilac Wine (Nina Simone, others) – Jeff Buckley
    10. Man Jumped Out the Window (acoustic) – Cloud Cult
    11. Like a Soldier – Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson
    12. Settled Down Like the Rain – The Jayhawks
    13. The Grocer’s Broom – Richard Shindell
    14. The Problem with Saints – 8in8 (Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer)
    15. Mass Romantic – The New Pornographers
    16. Romance (live in Munich) – Apocalyptica

  2. I so rarely shuffle my music, mostly because I’ve got so many audiobooks mixed in that it would be pointless. But if I did a shuffle of what’s currently in my iTunes, it would include songs from some Broadway and Disney musicals including Hamilton, Beauty and the Beast, In the Heights, Camelot, Brigadoon, Les Mis, Newsies, Phantom, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Secret Garden, and Wicked. Plus a capella choral music from Voces8 and Eric Whitacre, bluegrass vocal music by the Wailin’ Jennys, the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack, and a smattering of pop songs from various eras. The list could also include British folk rock by Steeleye Span, traditional Irish music by The Chieftains, a huge assortment of classical music, and even opera. I’m pretty eclectic!

    1. Oooh, I like your music choices! I have to separate out my music from my audiobooks too, so I don’t end up with random chapters in my music. Luckily iTunes will do that for me, so I don’t have to think too hard.

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