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WIP – I mean FO – Wednesday for 31 January 2018

I’m not showing you any knitting WIPs today, sorry. Instead I’m going to show off my two most recent FOs!

You’ve already seen teasers of it, but here’s the completed Trinity Shawlette.

I really love the way this turned out, and I think the yarn plays well with the pattern. Neither overpowers the other. (I am sad, though, that I haven’t been getting home early enough to get daylight pictures of the shawl. Oh well.)

I have also finished the first of the 2018 Geek-A-Long squares: Monty Python! Featuring That Rabbit!

So much fun. I’ve cast on my next square for this blanket (and spoiler alert, it’s from the 2017 squares) but I really enjoyed knitting this one. I’m hoping that I’ll continue enjoying the squares all the way until the blanket is done. I’ve been knitting GAL squares semi-consistently since 2016, and haven’t gotten sick of them yet, so I have hope.

Happy Wednesday! Hard to believe that tomorrow is February already…


2 thoughts on “WIP – I mean FO – Wednesday for 31 January 2018

  1. The shawl is beautiful! I’d love to see it in daylight, if you get a chance.

    Are the GAL squares the same size from year to year? I mean, could you pick and choose your squares interchangeably from the various years? Some of them are from fandoms I’m into, and some I don’t even recognize. If I ever try this, I would prefer to choose just the squares I want…

    1. Thank you!

      The GAL squares all use the same number of stitches *except* for the 2015 squares. (I’ve thought about re-sizing some, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.) So you can combine 2014, 2016, 2017, and now 2018 squares. As long as you use the same yarn weight for them, they’ll end up the same size. (That’s what I’m doing with both of my blankets.)

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