101 in 1001 · Update

101 in 1001 ~ update the nineteenth

It’s time for the 19th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

And… now it’s a month into 2018. Wow. It’s strange, though; I can’t tell if it feels like this first month of the year has flown by, or taken forever. It seems like my New Year’s vacation was ages ago, but it’s still hard to believe that we’re in a new year. I think it’s been like that every January for a while, though. I hope your year is starting out well! Mine is, so far. There’s not a ton of visible progress, but there is some worth mentioning.

Here’s this month’s challenge progress:

January 2018
2 items completed this month
20 items currently in progress

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Personal #62: Take a class / find a software program and start learning another language ~ 1/24/2018

I haven’t gotten far in it yet, but I bought Rosetta Stone software and am learning Mandarin Chinese. I’ve always wanted to learn Chinese because it’s a heritage language (there are other heritage languages I want to learn, too, but this one has priority). To be completely accurate for my heritage, I’d need to learn Cantonese. I decided to go with Mandarin instead, though, because it’s the prominent Chinese dialect and will be more useful in the business world.

If Rosetta Stone works well for me, I plan to also use it to learn other languages. We’ll see how it goes – I’ll try to remember to include language learning updates periodically.

Reading #91: Organize my bookshelf to get the books off the floor ~ 1/26/2018

I had started this a long time ago, but finally finished it tonight. Part of it was figuring out how to make room on the bookshelves, and in this case it included deciding to re-home some of the books I’ve been hanging onto but will almost certainly never re-read. (An added benefit: it reminded me about some books I own that I’ve been meaning to re-read. I moved those to a more prominent place on the shelf so I’m more likely to notice and read them.)

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Hmm. There was less actually completed there than I’d hoped, but still it was progress. There was also progress made on items not yet listed here, things that will be more long-term and still require weeks or months to complete. (For instance, I made some great progress toward getting my desk properly usable again, but I’m not there yet. Still need to reorganize a bunch, though I have cleaned the area up now.) In any case, it’s been a good month and I’m hoping for more of the same next month.

I hope your February is fabulous!


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