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On Cancer

Check early, and check often.

That’s what they say, and I have to agree. Please, PLEASE get screened for cancer early detection as soon and as often as it’s recommended. (I just went in for my regular screening, and all is normal. This post is not about me.)

An out-of-state friend of mine recently discovered that her breast cancer has progressed and is worse than originally thought. The details of this whole thing is her story to tell, not mine. The part of the story that is mine to tell is this: I thought we had many more years of time to chat online and have the occasional in-person visit. We don’t. We might never see each other in person again. And that sucks.

She did the right things, too. She got tested, and then got treatment. And it still doesn’t look like that was enough.

The thing is, it is enough for a lot of cancers, but people still don’t go check. They “hate the doctor” or “it won’t make a difference anyway” or they “feel fine” and “aren’t sick”. If you can, GO CHECK. No excuses. If you don’t have health insurance that will cover it (which is a matter for a different post) then please at least research how you can self-check, and DO THAT.

Not checking is not okay.

This isn’t my usual light blog fare, but it’s important. Please. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something.


8 thoughts on “On Cancer

  1. Oh, that sucks 😦 One of my friends was fighting breast cancer for the last 2 years and is cancer free now, fortunately. It was found early, so she was ‘lucky’ that it didn’t spread or got worse…

    Yeah, definitely go get checks whenever you can!

  2. You are so, so right about the need for regular screenings. I’ve had several family members diagnosed early because they did their yearly screenings (breast cancer, in two cases, and prostate in two.) And at least two who caught skin cancer early on because they paid attention and checked it out. And I’ve lost friends and relatives to cancer because they didn’t know they had it or didn’t get screened.

    So yes, people. Get checked, as often as you are advised to: mammograms, pap smears & yearly GYN checkups, prostate screenings, colonoscopies, and any other screenings that are suggested. (Don’t skip a regular check with the dermatologist if you have moles, or notice any changes in your skin.) And if you think something might be wrong, GO FIND OUT.

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