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WIP Weds for 10 January 2018

Wow. 2018. I’m still not used to that yet.

In any case, there has been knitting. I’m going to start with the most recent FO: the Vanilla Latte socks!

Vanilla Latte socks

These were finished in time to be a late Christmas gift. (But the gift wasn’t late… we celebrated late, so I had a few extra days to knit on them.) (Please forgive the creased tissue paper background. I took the pictures while I was wrapping the socks.)

Vanilla Latte socks

I really like this knit, and will probably make another pair sooner or later. The pattern was easy enough to memorize and yet interesting enough that I actually wanted to knit the second sock. I also like how different heel and toe options were given, so that I won’t have to look up any variations if I want to tweak the sock a little.

Vanilla Latte socks

And… of course I matched the stripes. I’m a little obsessive about that with self-striping yarn. But really, who can blame me?

PATTERN: Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
YARN: Knit Picks Felici in Schooner
DATES KNIT: 1 Sept 2017 – 2 Jan 2018

And there has been other knitting, too. I’ve been working on the Minecraft socks again, now that the gift socks are off the needles. (No progress picture, though, since there hasn’t been much visible progress. That’s the problem with knitting a pattern on such dark yarn. It’s hard to see what’s happened.)

I’ve also been working on my Trinity Shawlette. This picture was from the cast-on, and shows how the colors look in natural sunlight.

Trinity Shawl start

And this picture shows the (approximate) current progress on the shawlette in artificial light. It shows how far I’ve come in the knit, but not the true lovely color of the yarn. This has been a fast knit so far, but it’s to the point where the rows are getting long and so it’s not moving as fast at this point. Still a very fun knit! I might make more of this shawlette pattern since there are pattern options I can play with.

Trinity Shawlette

I hope you’re having a good week so far! Happy hump day!


9 thoughts on “WIP Weds for 10 January 2018

  1. I have a pair of socks OTN slightly similar to those, Not the yarn, but the columns of kpkp between columns of knit. My mistake was making the knit columns one stitch wide, which means that every other row is k1p1. That slows me down and forces me to keep my eyes on the needles, bleah. Next time I will know better.

  2. A fellow sock-knitter! I love knitting socks. I like that yarn choice, too. And your shawlette is going to be lovely!

    Query: Is “WIP Wednesdays” a meme? May I either join in, if it is, or if it isn’t, may have permission to use that phrase (or a very similar one) for my own knitting posts? I’ve been trying to come up with a good name, since I want to start posting more regularly about my knitting and spinning, but hadn’t come up with a good one yet.

    1. Thanks, I love socks too!

      WIP Wednesdays isn’t an official meme, but I do them on a regular basis. Please feel free to play along! I got the phrase from someone else, so I’m not the owner of it. 🙂

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