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(More) Linkity on a Sunday

I didn’t intend to do another Linkity on a Sunday quite so soon, but there were lots of new links that I wanted to share while they were still timely. So here they are! I hope your 2018 is great so far, and only continues to get better.

The Well-Appointed Desk had the 12 Days of Inkmas running last month, and that was a lot of fun. (I didn’t see a way to link to those posts exclusively, so the link will take you to ALL the ink reviews on TWAD.)

KM Kat posted a link to the First Flag of the Resistance, which looks like a lot of work. I think it’s a really neat art take on resistance. Its phrase is also something we must all remind ourselves of, no matter which side of the aisle we land on politically. This is NOT normal. And we need to not let it become normal.

Inkophile found the perfect way to decorate a Christmas tree. I don’t think Suzy would cooperate with me, though.

I didn’t make any of these crochet bookmarks for gifts this year, but still intend to. Maybe next year.

Some time ago, Chris posted links to some short stories. I re-read then recently, and decided to share. This one is a take on the red strings that link soulmates / true loves in Chinese myths. And this one is about an adorable tiny dragon. (WANT.)


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