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Goodreads Books I Don’t Remember (Part 1)

I went through my Goodreads “Read” Shelf a short while ago, because I was adding read dates and re-read dates* now that that’s an option. In the process, I noticed that there were lots of books on my Read Shelf that I have no memory of. That thought lingered in the back of my head for a while, but I didn’t do anything about it. And then Ally posted about the books on her Goodreads Read Shelf that she doesn’t remember, and I decided that sounded like a great idea. So here are a few** of the books from my Goodreads Read Shelf that I don’t remember…

Timeless Healing by Herbert Benson

The key to TIMELESS HEALING is what Dr Benson calls ‘remembered wellness’ – a term which may revolutionise the way that health care is practised in the Western world. A Harvard physician who has been immersed in science for thirty years, Dr Benson explains how he became convinced that humans are literally programmed with a need for faith. He reveals that when people call upon faith, they activate neurological pathways for dramatic self-healing.

In this life-changing book, Herbert Benson explores the true connections between medicine and the mystifying power of the human spirit. TIMELESS HEALING reveals how positive beliefs make a critical contribution to our physical health.

I’m not actually sure that I actually read this one. Based on the blurb it could be a book I only read because my ex-husband wanted to buddy read it. However, based on the Goodreads reviews, it looks like this might be a book that was accidentally combined with a book that I did read. So I have no idea whether or not I actually read Timeless Healing.

Re-read? — oh hell no.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Joust by Mercedes Lackey

National best-selling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey creates a vivid, dynamic fusion of the cultures of ancient Egypt and legendary Atlantis with the most exciting and believable portrayal of dragons ever imagined.  The first book in this thrilling new series introduces us to a young slave who dreams of becoming a jouster-one of the few warriors who can actually ride a flying dragon.  And so, in secret, he begins to raise his own dragon.

This one I remember having the book… but not the actual process of reading it. I gave it a 3 star rating, but I think that was because I liked Lackey’s work a lot at that time. I know that I didn’t ever have any desire to continue with the series, so I’m guessing that I didn’t like the book enough to want to know more. It certainly wasn’t “thrilling” the way the blurb claims.

Re-read? — nah. There are better books.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials #2) by Philip Pullman

Here is the highly anticipated second installment of Philip Pullman’s epic fantasy trilogy, begun with the critically acclaimed The Golden Compass. Lyra and Will, her newfound friend, tumble separately into the strange tropical otherworld of Cittàgazze, “the city of magpies,” where adults are curiously absent and children run wild. Here their lives become inextricably entwined when Lyra’s alethiometer gives her a simple command:  find Will’s father. Their search is plagued with obstacles–some familiar and some horribly new and unfathomable–but it eventually brings them closer to Will’s father and to the Subtle Knife, a deadly, magical, ancient tool that cuts windows between worlds. Through it all, Will and Lyra find themselves hurtling toward the center of a fierce battle against a force so awesome that leagues of mortals, witches, beasts, and spirits from every world are uniting in fear and anger against it. This breathtaking sequel will leave readers eager for the third and final volume of His Dark Materials.

I read the first book of this series, and I remember being disappointed with it. But I have no memory of reading the second book in the series. (I rated it 1 star, so I’m guessing I really didn’t like it. I may have even DNF’d it.)

Re-read? — NO. If I was disappointed by the first book and blocked out having read the second, I don’t need to revisit it.

*I usually had to guess on the re-read dates, but since I’ve been tracking which books I read in which year for some time now, I was at least able to add a year and sometimes a month when I re-read a book. I could also use book review posts as a better idea of when I read a book.

**This is going to be a regular feature on the blog, at least until I run out of books that I don’t remember.


8 thoughts on “Goodreads Books I Don’t Remember (Part 1)

  1. funny isn’t it how we forget things we’ve spent hours reading! I’m exactly the same, especially since starting to read books on my kindle as I don’t even have the front – cover to help me remember!!! 😂

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