Sunday Summary 12-3-17

It’s Sunday Summary time! National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is over now, and I haven’t written a word of fiction since then. I didn’t write much fiction during that last week either, truth be told. The EDJ (aka Evil Day Job, which is what I call it whether or not it’s being evil) and a new contract job took up more time than I had anticipated, and so I ended NaNoWriMo about 17k below the official end goal. However, given that I hadn’t intended to participate in NaNo this year until about a week before it actually started, I think I did pretty good to get in 33k words.

NaNoWriMo Ending Stats:

    • Total Word Count Goal: 50,000
    • Total Words Actually Written: 33,565

And now what?

Well, I do want to finish this story. I won’t be writing on the story as frequently or as furiously as I had been during November, but I will still be writing. I also will still be joining my fellow WriMos for the weekly write-in that I’d been attending during NaNo. They meet up year-round, and so joining them will help me keep myself accountable with the writing. It will at least get me around other writers on a more regular basis, and I tend to write more when I’m with others of my own kind.

Later, once I’ve finished the story, it will get to sit for a little while before I look at it to edit it, and then I’ll begin the polishing process. Will this particular book turn into anything? I don’t know. In some ways, it already has. It has turned into my way back into writing, and that alone should be recognized as a great achievement.

Last note: Sunday Summary posts will be changing a little now that NaNo is over, but I haven’t figured out quite how yet. Please excuse the mess as I play with the posts over the next few weeks. Also, if I end up with completely random posts, they will probably be scheduled for Sundays.